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We mentioned recently in our write-up on puzzle games that the Apple Watch really lends itself to the kind of small, pick up and play joy of a good puzzler, and the same goes for number and word games, too. The only real problem I suppose you run into when attempting to upgrade a word game for the Apple Watch is the screen size, and the fact that something with a Scrabble-sized game board won’t exactly translate that well. Still, that hasn’t stopped Zynga from upgrading their much love Words With Friends to work with the Apple Watch, so there you go. What I have noticed is the ease and success with which tile-based games are being ported to the Apple Watch by developers. Sometimes, as is the case with a few of the number games we have listed recently, you will find that the grid size might need to be scaled back, but if you have a solid foundation then this won’t interfere with the gameplay itself. Check out our favorites below, and let us know yours!

8. Snappy Word (Free)


We’ll start with Snappy Word, developed by Right Pedal, which is a game that attracted some attention as being one of the few word games available for the Apple Watch at launch. With a name derived from the popular Flappy Bird series (who doesn’t love puns?) one might expect something shallow or superficial as an attempt to play on that success, but Snappy Word is everything but. The four tile interface is a great idea, since nine (see Letterpad, which we’ll no doubt mention below) can often be too crowded. The game also includes a real time player-versus-player mode, which we’ll admit to not trying out, but the game itself is solid and a lot of fun! –  Download from iTunes

7. Spell Grid 2 (Free)


Spell Grid 2 seems to have arrived on the back of Letterpad and does offer a range of similarities, despite not attaining the same kind of press and plaudits. While the original Spell Grid was developed by Fresh Logo for the iPhone, it isn’t hard to see that the same game could work well on the Apple Watch which is perhaps the reason for this update, which was first released a couple of months back. Spell Grid 2 works with the same kind of 3 by 3 tile layout, though places its letters in circles and then links them with a line, which is a nice touch.  – Download from iTunes

6. FirstLetter (Free)

As with so many of the apps and games that we’ve run into when coming up with these lists, FirstLetter is one I hadn’t yet heard of before booting it up to run on my Apple Watch recently. It’s difficult to put yourself in the mindset to test these games, because you’re essentially receiving a stripped down copy of what you might have been playing on the iPhone, but thankfully FirstLetter lends itself well to the wearable platform. Part of the reason for this is because it’s so simple, requiring a single tap per word puzzle and with each word puzzle lasting only a minute. In fact, FirstLetter was designed specifically for the Apple Watch! – Download from iTunes

5. Typetap (Free)


Typetap is a fairly basic word game that was recently updated for the Apple Watch that is loosely based around the popular “Hangman” idea of guessing a word or a phrase when only given a few letters and a bunch of blank spaces. While this isn’t exactly the most original game in the world, it will no doubt appeal to Hangman fans and it’s a lot of fun racing against the clock. – Download from iTunes


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