Top 8 | Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch

Of course, perhaps the one strand of apps that has and will continue to benefit from the world’s current fascination with wearable tech are fitness apps. The developers behind these apps have been in a rush recently, despite the existence of wearable devices from companies like Pebble and Android, to update their iOS editions to support the Apple Watch and for good reason. There are however a bunch of different breeds out there when it comes to fitness apps, each with something different that looks to be noticed in what has become a very crowded market. Perhaps the most interesting of these are the weight loss apps, which is really a side that most fitness apps own but with a specific emphasis on things like calorie counting, staying active and of course psychological motivation. Counting each calorie that your body takes on board can become something of a chore when you have to log each meal, but it does become somewhat easier when doing so from your wrist!

8. Inlivo (Free)

Let’s start with Inlivo, which is a pretty good app when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet so as to lose weight. In fact, the devlopers themselves state as much, saying that “maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes”, but about “consuming a well-balanced healthy diet that includes a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, to feel good, and to have energy”. Inlivo allows you to break down your calorie intake throughout the day and then intuitively displays this in a range of different graphical presentations that allow evern the least tech savvy to understand how they are progressing towards a health diet and a healthier lifestyle! – Download from iTunes

7. Lark (Free)

As we mentioned briefly above, the fitness and weight loss app market is very much a crowded one, though that isn’t to say you can’t find some success with the right kind of angle. A favored technique among those looking to force their way into such a landscape is to reimagine the context of a given product. Weight loss apps for example are specifically based around some kind of meal logging interface, but Lark does away with all that. Instead, the developers have posited their weight loss app within the kind of context that many more people are familiar with: that of a messaging app. You write to what is essentially your personal weight loss coach, and receive feedback telling you how many calories you have taken on, how much of a given food it’s best to eat, and a whole lot mor. – Download from iTunes

6. Fooducate (Free)


Fooducate isn’t exatly a weight loss app, but more of a nutrition app that is designed to make users more aware of what they are eating and as such form a better diet. I’ve mentioned before my love of the use of rings on Apple Watch apps so far, and Fooducate definitely embraces this. Your calorie intake throughout the day is perfectly displayed in an array of different rings that allow you to quickly understand where you are at a glance. I like that the app gives you a “budget” when it comes to calories, for example 1800 in a day, and then ticks these off as you eat meals while at the same time tracking the calories burned as you move around.  – Download from iTunes

5. Human (Free)


Human, as you can perhaps deduce from th screenshot above, offers support and guidance through your dieting period, but it’s also a lot more than that. The developers behind this one understand that tracking your calories and logging your meals is one thing, but remaining active is just as important. As such, Human encourages you to get up and move around for a fairly small period of time every day. The app picks up things like walking to work, riding on the bus, or your bike, and will take them into account. It’s great because while you might not always have immediate access to your iPhone, the app allows you to check your progress and receive reminders directly to your wrist! – Download from iTunes


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