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Video calling has become a big part of our lives these days, with a huge change in the possibilities given the advance of mobile devices and mobile apps. The coverage of mobile internet is typically so great that you can easily turn regular voice calls into video calls without losing any quality or encountering any problems, and the data packages that are offered these days really do reflect this. Depending on which cellular provider you use, there are some fantastic prices when it comes to roaming data that has finally made the video call possible as an important and central aspect to our lives as we communicate with one another. But which are the best video chat apps out there for the iPad in particular, and are they optimized for it?

8. FaceTime (Free)


Let’s start off with the app that arguably revolutionized the way many look at video chat apps and video calling: we’re speaking of course about Apple’s FaceTime app, which has not only changed the way users think but has also changed the way developers are producing their apps. I guess the one massive drawback when considering messaging apps and video calling apps is that, despite the cross platform possibilities, you still need to have both parties with the app installed in order to make the connection. This can be a real pain for some, who might prefer a specific video calling app but have resorted to using something else simply because all their friends use it – as seems to be the case with WhatsApp, which is great but which owes a lot of its success to this effect. FaceTime is always reliable in this regard, since iPad users will typically have it installed out of the box!

7. Spin (Free)

Let’s look at a recent addition to the world of video chat apps with Spin, which takes a different position on video calling. There is the possibility to start group video chats with up to 10 people, and users can even easily share photos and videos to their “gathering” of friends or colleagues. I like that spin has been developed with the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad and iPhone in mind, with specific features such as the ability to increase a person’s volume during a video call simply by expanding their avatar on the screen. – Download from iTunes

6. LINE (Free)


LINE is another popular option these days, not just with video calling but with cross platform messaging as well! I’ve always been slightly opposed to the apps that started life as one thing and then tried to introduce added features later in order to keep up with the competition, which is what LINE did recently, but they do actually make it work. The video calling function was embraced by the app’s 300 million users when first introduced, which is a great bonus for them but something that the developers will hope to act as an incentive for non users to join the service from big rivals such as the Microsoft owned Skype. – Download from iTunes

5. ooVoo (Free)


ooVoo describes itself as having the best group video calling experience, as seen above and to be honest, they might be right! The app is available for iOS devices and Android as well, with the ability to connect you to 11 of your friends in a group chat quickly and easily. One drawback here is the annoying ads that seem to get in the way, but they can be removed by shelling out $30 per year or $3 per month of the premium version of the app. – Download from iTunes


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