Top 8 | TV & Movie Apps for Apple Watch

One particular category of iOS apps that hasn’t seen much exposure on the Apple Watch is those of the entertainment variety, concerning movies and TV. These days, we often use entertainment apps like Netflix to stream movies and TV, but these of course don’t really apply to the Apple Watch. As such, our list for the top TV and movie apps that have been updated recently for the Apple Watch is comprised of a varying range of different ideas – though, it’s mostly those apps that show us what is on now, or showing in our area. These apps, like Fandango, are obviously quite useful and really benefit from having the kind of at a glance accessibility that the Apple Watch offers. The process of checking the TV guide, for example, would either mean pulling up an app on your smartphone, searching through a physical copy of the magazine or using your TV remote. With the TV Guide app for the Apple Watch, on the other hand, you can see it all with a single glance at your wrist. Here we go through some of these TV and movie apps to see which ones you should download!

8. Movie Hype (Free)


The Movie Hype app is one that I hadn’t really encountered before checking it out on the Apple Watch, so I don’t really know how the different versions of this iOS app compare. That said, perhaps the most useful thing it does in the context of the Apple Watch is allow you to manage your time better, whether at home or in the theater. The app knows the runtimes of everything, so all you have to do is start the nice little countdown graphic when beginning a viewing, and you will know how much time you have left at a glance. The location awareness knows when you are entering a movie theater, to which you can check in on social media and interact with others who are perhaps seeing the same movie. – Download from iTunes

7. TV Guide Mobile (Free)


We mentioned it in the intro, but I don’t think you can really underestimate how useful an app like the TV Guide Mobile app is. It has been widely reported by the likes of USA Today and TIME as a must-have download for your smartphone and tablet, and that feeling only really increases when you factor in the at a glance accessibility of the Apple Watch. Having used the app for a few days now, I’d have to agree with the above, but admit that the app is quite limited by the size of the screen in question: I often prefer seeing a guide spread out before me in a table, with channels on one side and times above. That makes it easier to see what’s on at what time, and what clashes with other shows you want to watch. The TV Guide Mobile app doesn’t really have this ability when used on the Apple Watch, but the best thing about it is that you can set reminders when your shows are starting – it’s worth grabbing for this feature alone!  – Download from iTunes

6. MOVIST ($2.99)


MOVIST is a useful app if you’re the kind of person with a vast collection of movies and like to keep them all organized, tracking what you’ve watched, what you’re watching and what you have in your queue. The recent Apple Watch update now makes this all the more convenient, allowing you to manage your collection from your wrist! – Download from iTunes

5. After Credits (Free)


After Credits is an app founded on a single concept alone, which as I’m sure you’ve guessed is to inform viewers whether a particular film has any extra content during or after the closing credits. It’s something I’ll admit to looking up in the past, so it’s nice to have all this in one place and now available at a glance on your Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes


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