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Turn by turn navigation apps have certainly changed a lot since the iPhone was first released. Today, the whole concept is made even easier than ever before with Apple’s new wearable device, the Apple Watch, which brings this real time navigation ability and turn by turn directions directly to your wrist, meaning that a quick glance down at it is typically enough info when you’re navigating your way to a specific address. But what of the turn by turn navigation apps on the iPhone? Apple Maps has come in for a lot of criticism ever since it was first launched, but we’d have to say that it is a lot better these days and certainly gives the likes of Google a run for their money. Google Maps seems to be the best map app out there at present, but then there are other options like Waze which is of course crowd driven and takes into account things like traffic and transit info to ensure that your ride to work is the smoothest possible. We recently took a bunch of these turn by turn navigation apps out for a spin and below are the results!

8. Gokivo (Free)

Let’s start off with a nice, simple option: Gokivo Navigator is a basic app where you simply input location and destination and let the app do the hard work. While it doesn’t have the traffic info of something like Waze, it is free to download and is great at rerouting you in difficult situations. – Download from iTunes

7. InRoute (Free)


I’ve used Google Maps many times when navigating the road ahead on a specific journey or road trip, but one area this app falls down is when it comes to non-direct trips with separate stages. You might be traveling from one city to another, for example, and stopping off in a couple of towns along the way if the journey is set to take more than a day. With Google Maps, this kind of thing is hard to account for since the app just assumes you want to get to your destination as soon as possible. InRoute is therefore the best option if you’re embarking on this kind of trip, since it allows you to plot a route with up to five stops in its intuitive map interface where you simply drop pins wherever you want to go and let inRoute fill in the rest. It’s a smart app, and one with a lot of smart features, such as the ability to seek out places of interest regularly along your route, such as gas stations or places to eat. – Download from iTunes

6. Navmii (Free)

Navmii is another nice navigation app option for iPhone users, offering things like real time traffic and roadworks updates, voice guided turn by turn navigation and a whole lot more. The smart search for local info here is powered by TripAdvisor and Foursquare among others meaning that you get really accurate info about places including ratings right from reliable sources. – Download from iTunes

5. Scout (Free)

Scout by Telenav now supports the US and offers free turn by turn voice navigation. It’s an excellent way of helping you to find things to do no matter where you are, since these things will actively show up as you’re driving along. And the useful info doesn’t stop there, for Scout can even inform you of the best rates for parking garages in the area you are currently located, ensuring you get the best possible parking price and don’t get ripped off. Offline apps are not included in the free version of the app but are purchasable for a one time fee.  – Download from iTunes


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