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Trivia and quiz games are among the most popular on the iPhone these days, with the likes of QuizUp and Trivia Crack racking up a huge amount of downloads in recent months. I expect there to be a rash of these kind of games to hit the iPhone from now on, but for now there are still some great options available from the App Store. The thing with trivia games is that it is impossible to fit everything – all kinds of categories and questions into a single game – so developers have to decide whether to go with something more specific such as those behind the music related trivia app SongPop or something more general. There’s nothing worse than coming across the same questions twice with this kind of game though, so this is something else that we will be looking at when checking out the best trivia and quiz games currently available on the iPhone.

8. TriviaBurst (Free)


Let’s start out with a nice simple app that is free to download and offers a general smattering of different categories, but without focusing on one in particular. TriviaBurst very much adopts the classic trivia game mold, with 25 basic categories and tens of thousands of questions, so there’s really very little chance that you will end up coming across the same question twice. Another great thing about this app is that you can personally contribute your own questions to the app if you wish, which offers a little more personalization and customization than we’re used to seeing. – Download from iTunes

7. Jeopardy! ($1.99)


Among the most popular kinds of trivia games out there these days are those that borrow from an existing format, such as TV shows like Jeopardy! or Family Feud. The former of these is represented on the App Store with this nice app, which doesn’t go to too great lengths but does lovingly create the classic Jeopardy! set with 3D characters. The game has long been the benchmark for TV trivia, so it’s nice to see it make an appearance on the iPhone but we feel that the game could have been done a little better. Still, the game was developed with the shows orginal writers so you’re still getting something of the authentic Jeopardy! experience regardless! There is also a sports version of the app for those who would prefer to answer questions from the world of sports. – Download from iTunes

6. Family Feud 2 (Free)

Another staple of US television is of course Family Feud, and I figured it would be cool to put this alongside Jeopardy! on the list since both apps are fun but don’t really develop much beyond that. Most people will know the classic Family Feud dynamic by now, and this game simply runs with the same idea. Some improvements have been made to the game experience in this sequel, so I would recommend downloading that one rather than the original! – Download from iTunes

5. QuizBoard (Free)


This one is one of the more original quiz games I came across while doing research for this list, and is almost like a combination between trivia games and tile laying games. Think, the kind of board games that have become popular on the iPhone regarding territory, but with an emphasis on answering questions. You get given tiles repesenting different topics for each turn, and then you lay down your tiles and answer the questions. As such, you win by answering questions and racking  up a score, but the game ends when the map’s star tile is reached so there’s a whole extra layer of strategy involved here that we’re really not used to seeing in most traditional iPhone trivia games. – Download from iTunes


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