Top 8 | Trivia and Brain Training Games for Apple Watch

Few people thought that casual gaming would go through such a golden age with the advent of the smart phone, but regular people continue to flock to them every day and the numbers only increase. Among the most popular of those that casual gamers bash away at while on the bus to work or the tube home are trivia and brain training games, designed with a pick up and play feel and self improvement in mind. The idea is that people love Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, but would rather be pouring idle hours into a game that teaches them something, improving their vocabulary or strength in a given area of knowledge. This is where these apps come in, and as is perhaps expected, many of them have been recently updated so as to integrate with the Apple Watch and allow you to tap out games wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, without even the need to pull out your iPhone!

8. Streak (Free)


Let’s start off with a trivia app that I’ve only recently come across but one that will definitely suit a few players. Streak is a trivia game that, as you may have guessed fro the title, encourages players to answer as many questions as possible without making a mistake – and with an added countdown factor that means you are racing against the clock. The difference between Streak and other apps however is that this one delivers new trivia contests only once every weekday at 11AM PT or 2PM ET and delivers them right to your lock screen. As such, each contest becomes something of an event, where you must stay alive by answering true or false to given statements while competing simultaneously with your friends and all other players around the world. The objective of course is to get the longest streak of correct answers! – Download from iTunes

7. Disney Moment ($3.99)


Not to be outdone, Disney have also gotten in on the trivia game scene with Disney Moment, which is designed to give you a daily dose of Disney facts and also to test your Disney IQ. I guess the main problem with these kind of question and answer apps is that, while fun, you can only spend so much time on them without coming across duplicate questions or ground you’ve already covered. Like Streak, mentioned above, Disney Moment avoids this by presenting their game in a day to day context, with new info depending on what day it is – historic Disney facts that refer to a specific date, etc.  – Download from iTunes

6. Peak (Free)


Peak is a personalized self improvement app that has recently been updated to support the Apple Watch, though is a brain trainer with a difference. Rather than encouraging users to race against the clock and as such perhaps trip up and make some mistakes, this app instead actively persuades you to take it easy and not rush through them. With an emphasis on memory skills, problem solving and such, it’s nice to find a brain training app that rewards patience rather than one that is almost sped up to fit with the current fashion of high paces movies and TV shows and video games. And as a brain training game, it’s great that this now supports the Apple Watch, since you can focus on improving your mental skills even when on the go with a few convenient taps of your wrist! – Download from iTunes

5. Fit Brains Trainer (Free)


Fits Brains Trainer is yet another brain training app that was recently updated to run on the Apple Watch, with a handful of exclusive games modes that were specifically designed for this new interface. For those unaware, Fit Brains Trainer was developed by Rosetta Stone, which is a company known for its educational apps, though perhaps more in the language learning category rather than the brain fitness one. Still, this app very much fits in with their other efforts in the world of learning new languages, since it looks to exercise your gray matter but does so in a way that is both engaging and interesting. – Download from iTunes


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