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We’ve all been through the process before: picking out a destination and then planning a break, making a detailed itinerary of things to do and places to see, only to lose your printed sheets or simply lose the plot, enjoying your holiday but not doing nearly as many of the things you planned to do. One thing I’ve taken to doing in recent years when planning a trip is to plot it all out through a range of apps, and then take those apps with me when traveling. The limitations of traveling when you think of roaming charges and signal can be a real pain, but fortunately many of the trip planning apps and travel apps listed below are designed to work even when offline. This means that you can store your documents on your mobile device just in case anything happens to the physical copies, and then double check on all arrangements even when out of 3G range or in Airplane Mode. We take a look at the best trip planing apps available for the iPad!

8. TripCase (Free)


TripCase is, like many of the options listed below (WorldMate and TripIt in particular) a travel app that looks to bring together all your holiday documents and plans in one easy to access place. The interface is simple and quick to navigate, meaning that you will always have those important documents or details right at your fingertips even after a long flight. You can add flight, train, hotel, rental information, all kinds of stuff that can be combined together once you have received confirmation and then stored there for a later date. You can then insert these details into your trip itinerary and have the app organize things for you, then bring up all this information in a timeline like view to give you a better picture of the entire vacation. – Download from iTunes

7. Skyscanner (Free)


I’ve used this app only once and found it a simple and satisfactory process. Skyscanner connects you with flights to and from destinations all over the world, allowing you to pick up cheap tickets easily and on the go without having to wait around. There are plenty of apps that promise this kind of thing, but in my experience Skyscanner is one that delivers! – Download from iTunes

6. TripIt (Free)


TripIt is like TripCase mentioned above, and so much so that I had trouble picking between the two. It isn’t the kind of travel app that will suggest destinations for your trip or places to go and see, but it will help you with your vacation planning – something that it does extremely well! With TripIt, you can easily combine all of your travel confirmation, itineraries, tickets and bookings in one spot for easy access when you get to your destination. There is no need to fish around for emails when you are struggling to find a decent signal in a new country – everything is right there at your fingertips! – Download from iTunes

5. WorldMate (Free)


Again, WorldMate is aimed at those who wish to organize their trip and put all travel documents in one place for easy access. It is really designed for those who travel often such as those who take frequent business trips, and allows you to break all your info down such as bookings and meetings and such into a simple timeline view so as to stay on top of things. And when you are asked for a specific piece of information such as a booking number or reservation code, the app will sort and store everything so that you can access it immediately and without wasting any time. – Download from iTunes


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