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Many of you may have been off on your holidays already and come back from the sun of vacation to the boredom and humdrum of a day to day existence. That said, we here at Top 8 remain very much in the vacationing spirit and as such decided it was about time to run through a few travel accessories that can be used by iPad users, just in case you’re still yet to set out on your travels. Of course, travel accessories can come in many different shapes and sizes and colors: car dash mounts are great items to have when it comes to navigating the globe; the iPad making an extra large GPS tool that requires no squinting at all to view properly. There are also the multi purpose power adapters that really take the pain out of trying to find a place to charge your tablet. Then there are the portable Bluetooth keyboards that allow you to bring your work away from the office with you, safe in the knowledge that a long email can be drafted without much hassle. With all these accessories in mind, let’s take a look!

8. iOttie Mount ($29.95)


While we here at Top8 are huge fans of the dash mounts that Logitech have come up with, it’s the iOttie one that we use most of all. Their cradle for the iPad mini is an excellent purchase and most important of all is an affordable buy. Some may suggest that suction pads are not really terribly practical and magnets are a better option, but not everyone wants to stick a metallic plate inside their device or between the device and it’s cover. Besides, the rotatable mount of the iOttie really gives it a great amount of reach and helps you to place your iPad in just about any position and angle. – Buy from Amazon

7. Belkin SurgePlus ($18.99)


There is a huge range of different charging stations out there, designed to house and provide a charget to numerous devices at once. As such, it has become quite difficult to tell the good from the bad, let alone pick one that stands above the rest. Belkin have continued to bring us excellent accessories for the iPad, and their SurgePlus charger is just another one of those. I often find myself going abroad and carrying a bunch of different adapters and extenders; with the SurgePlus you basically turn a single AC plug into 3 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets, allowing you to essentially use 2 different appliances, as well as charge your MacBook, iPhone and iPad at the same time. And the best thing about the SurgePlus? The fact that it’s so pocketable, so isn’t going to add any excess and needless weight to your already sagging luggage. – Buy from Amazon

6. Twelve South PlugBug World ($44.95)


Twelve South is a brand that has certainly made a name for itself in the last year or so, what with their HiRise series of smartphone stands becoming one of the most sought after items on Amazon. They have developed a knack of and become quickly renowned for coming up with original products that push the boundaries of what we have become used to seeing in our mobile accessories, and are always innovating. Case in point: the PlugBug, which is basically a USB wall charger that piggybacks onto your MacBook power adapter that turns one plug  into a plug for both your MacBook and your iPhone or iPad. Some may rightly suggest that plugging your iPad into your MacBook is a lot easier, but it means you can charge one without the other and don’t need to worry about the process of syncing, etc. – Buy from Amazon

5. Belkin QODE Ultimate ($74.24)

Belkin Qode

The Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro edition is one item that has been seen a lot this year on the various best of lists, and at $120 is one of the more expensive options when it comes to picking a good Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad. There is a more affordable option however in the QODE Ultimate, which may not be as “professional” as the other edition but is of course a lot cheaper. The great thing about this keyboard is that you can pair it with numerous devices and then switch between each with ease. This is especially great if you are the kind of person that never can sit still, try as they might. You can start writing an email on your iPad and then, should the battery run out, quickly switch to your iPhone and use the same keyboard. – Buy from Amazon


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