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Travel accessories for Android devices is such a broad term that I suppose you could apply it to just about any kind of product, from the dashboard mounts you have in your car to the portable chargers you take with you so as to ensure your smartphone or tablet is never out of battery. I suppose it all depends on the nature of the traveling that you are doing: if you’re trekking across mountains then you’ll want some kind of robust and waterproof smartphone case to take with you to ensure your device remains protected, but if you’re simply heading across the US on a road trip then one of Logitech’s smart hands free mounts for the car is perhaps an option worth checking out. We recently took a trip to the next state over and decided to test out a few of these accessories, so you will find that many of the products listed here are for use with your car – we’re lazy, aren’t we? Why not suggest your own favorite Android accessories for traveling in the comments section below?

8. Aduro U-Grip Plus ($9.99)


The Aduro U-Grip Plus mount doesn’t attach onto the vents of your car’s dash like most of the car mounts you will find out there for Android devices, but instead comes with a handy suction cup that allows you to place the device wherever you wish, either on your dash or on the windshield itself. Some have complained about suction cups when it comes to smartphone mounts for the car, saying that they often leave an annoying residue, but I’ve never experienced that myself. This particuar mount can accomodate devices with a display of up to 5.5 inches, though it may be able to manage slightly larger devices, too. You can then rotate through 360 degrees to the find the angle that you want. By far the best aspect of this particular mount however is the price, which at just $10 makes it one of the most affordable Android smartphone mounts around. – Buy from Amazon

7. Samsung Wireless Charging Dock ($76.92)


For those with a Samsung smartphone, in this case a Galaxy S6, you can’t really go wrong with this wireless charging dock for your vehicle. It can be mounted to either your dash or your windshield and allows you to easily power up your device without having to mess around with cables. It comes with a microUSB cable and adapter for plugging in at the base of the mount, and a 3M adhesive pad to stick to your day. Then there is the holder, which can be rotated vertically or horizontally depending on what you want to use it for. If you like to make the occasional tap of your screen then vertical is probably the best option, whreas if you are using your smartphones GPS features or some kind of navigation app then horizontal might work better. – Buy from Amazon

6. Anker 4-Port Car Charger ($14.99)


When it comes to car chargers for your Android device, there are quite a few nice and affordable options out there. Amazon have their on Basics range that features a decent two port charger, but we’ve found that if your car is tyically inhabited by a number of people at one time then USB slots simply isn’t enough. When you consider that most people have at least two mobile devices, often a smartphone and a tablet, you begin to realize that you need all the ports you can get. This is why we recommend this four port option from Anker, which uses Power IQ technology designed to ensure that each of your devices is getting the applicable charge and discourages overcharging. – Buy from Amazon

5. Kenu Airframe+ ($29.95)


We’ve been fans of Kenu’s Airframe car mount for some time, and with the increase in popularity of larger smartphone-tablet hybrids or “phablets” as they are now known, it’s great to see that the company has stepped and released a larger version of their product to cope with these wider screens. The device remains ultra portable and lightweight, and is small enough to fit in your pocket (at least, the regular Airframe is) so you can move it around between vehicles with no problem at all. It is then placed on the vents on your car’s dash, and is easy to rotate so fits just about any vent and allows you to place your device horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. – Buy from Amazon


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