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Back in 2013, with the release of the iPhone 5s, Touch ID quickly became the standout new feature from Apple and something of a revolution when it comes to adding security to your technology. Initially, Apple confined the use of Touch ID – which is essentially a fingerprint reader that you can use to protect your phone – to unlocking your home screen and confirming purchases in the App Store. That has changed with the introduction of iOS 8, which allows developers to utilize this fantastic technology within their own apps. Whether it comes to making secure purchases, storing passwords and the like, Touch ID has undoubtedly made the use of your iPhone a whole lot more safe and secure. But what apps are out there that have been updated or released with Touch ID integration. We take a look at some of our favorites that can be purchased iTunes right now!

8. Memoir (Free)


People seem to be aware of the more popular apps to have taken advantage of the Touch ID technology, but what about those that aren’t (yet) household names? Memoir is one of those, and we predict it might just become the next big thing! It’s basically a life logging app that takes into account all of your social activity on the web and then arranges all of this so that you can browse through your memories with ease. It’s a lot like Timehop which has seen a lot of success recently, but has more sheen and looks a lot more professional – it also has a lot more detail! And of course, such memories are personal things so why wouldn’t you want to lock them down securely with Touch ID? – Download from iTunes

7. Scanner Pro ($2.99)


Scanner Pro by Readdle is another of those that has been upgraded with iOS 8 to take advantage of Touch ID. It allows you to scan documents with your iPhone or iPad, and is probably the best in the business when it comes to this kind of thing. If you’re the kind of person that scans docs often, then you might have scanned one or two sensitive or personal pieces of paper in your time – those containing information such as bank details that we wouldn’t want to see in the wrong hands. This is why Readdle have been quick to update their best selling app so that you can protect these documents securely using Touch ID – what’s more, the app is cheaper than it used to be at just $2.99, so it’s now the perfect time to buy! – Download from iTunes

6. 1Password (Free)


Another important app that has really helped people to keep things secure on their phone is 1Password, which basically brings together all of your login details under one roof. And what’s more dangerous than leaving your password to one site lying around? Well, leaving your password to many sites lying around! Hence the recent Touch ID update for 1Password, which ensures that your convenient single password is safe and secure. – Download from iTunes

5. Authy (Free)


Yet another great security app is Authy, which basically makes dealing with verification codes a whole lot easier – currently supporting such popular apps Facebook, Amazon and Evernote, and many more! The management of account verification on such sites and with such apps is obviously quite a sensitive process – but one that is necessary when it comes to the security of your accounts. Well, with the recent Touch ID update for Authy you can now protect your info behind two walls instead of one! – Download from iTunes


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