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Apple boasts a range of impressive features that can be taken advantage of by developers in order o make their apps more accessible or in this case, more secure, though it is often difficult without some kind of guide to know which apps currently support such features. Touch ID is a very popular passcode protection system from Apple that is used by many of their built in apps, and really doesn’t require a passcode at all. Instead of having to remember a four digit code or even a swipe combination, Touch ID instead simply requires your fingerprint in order to log in to or unlock a selected app. While many of Apple’s built in apps support Touch ID, the amount of third party apps that do so is surprisingly few. You may have used Touch ID in the past and wondered why these other apps don’t use it, so we decided to come up with a list featuring the very best Touch ID apps for the iPad – that is, those that support this feature and allow you to unlock things with just your finger.

8. BillGuard (Free)


One interesting point I’ve found when researching what apps support Touch ID for the iPad is that very few of these apps are in fact finance related. One might think that the majority of those that have moved to Touch ID support would have something like finance info involved, since this is something that must be properly protected, but on the contrary there are very few apps that do support it. One of those is Mint, of course, but is there anything that Mint cannot do? Another of those is BillGuard, which represents an excellent way to manage your various financial responsibilties. It is an excellent way to manage your spending, and can alert you to fraud, find duplicate charges and a whole lot more. With Touch ID support, you can rest assured that your financial info is safe from falling into the wrong hands. – Download from iTunes

7. LastPass (Free)

There are many different password apps currently available for iOS devices, and each of them offer the same thing but present things slightly differently. Both LastPass and 1Password are quite similar however, in that they aim to condense all of your login details to just a single password that can be used across separate apps – so, when you are logging into your favorite cloud storage service, or when you are logging into your social media accounts such as Facebook. The idea of a single password to manage things is of course an attractive one, since it means you don’t have to remember all your login details and also means that the login will be an encrypted one, adding another layer of security. It makes sense then that apps like 1Password and LastPass have decided to support Touch ID then, since if there’s anything easier than combining login details under one master password, then it’s doing so under a single master fingerprint! – Download from iTunes

6. Acorns (Free)


One finance management app that has introducted Touch ID authentication is Acorns, which remains one of the best looking finance apps out there at present. The interface here is clean and easy to use, with a truly minimalist design that takes things back to basics. And with Touch ID support, you can now rest assured that your important finance information is secured behind a second layer of security. It means that you no longer need to use your Acord pincode in order to log into your account, though we should note that you will need to use it one last time when setting up Touch ID on your device. – Download from iTunes

5. Memoir (Free)


Another reason that you may want to implement Touch ID is in the protection of personal info, as shared on things like social media and in messaging apps but also in diary apps. There aren’t too many popular apps out there that act like personal diaries, but Memoir (and Day One, which we will get to below) are too of the most downloaded. – Download from iTunes


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