Top 8 | Time Saving Apps for Apple Watch

By far the most exciting aspect of the Apple Watch is its at a glance technology, meaning that it brings much of the functionality from your iPhone directly to your wrist. And perhaps the most immediate improvement that iPhone users will note when first wearing an Apple Watch is that it is designed to save you a lot of time. While lock screen notifications on your iPhone are a good way to get info quickly and remain updated, whether we’re talking local news and weather or perhaps an important work email chain. Still, that requires you to have your iPhone with you at all times, which in certain situations is just not possible. With the Apple Watch, on the other hand (no pun intended) the info is right there with you and the pulsing notifications are both subtle and effective. There are times when, despite settings that virtually ensure otherwise, you will miss important notifications coming through on your iPhone. The Apple Watch is always with you – is a part of you – meaning that it lessens the chance of missing those all important updates in the future. But of all the Apple Watch titles updated so far, which are the best time saving apps?

8. DO Note (Free)


One group of apps that many media outlets picked up on way back in April is that developed by IFTTT and recently updated for the Apple Watch. There are three apps altogether, including DO Button, DO Note and DO Camera – the first two of which have been reimagined to work with Apple’s new wearable device, and seem to be designed chiefly with the idea of saving time in mind. Do Note is an excellent way to quickly note down changes to your day and integrates with a bunch of popular apps. – Download from iTunes

7. Philips Hue (Free)

Of course, one of the more convenient and time saving technological advances in the last few years is the so called “Internet of Things”, or smart home technology. The amount of time and money that Apple has invested in this field in recent years should show anyone just how important it is, or will be when it becomes commonplace in our homes. Still, there are already affordable products that you can invest in and then control with your mobile device, and now from your wrist with the Apple Watch. One of the industry leaders in this area is Philips, whose range of smart Hue lighting offers not only convenience but also the kind of personalization you’ve never seen before. The official Hue app, now updated to work with the Apple Watch, allows you to display up to 10 different lighting configurations that can be activated through the tapping of a single button. While there is no Glance view here, it’s still a great convenience to have and a great way to personalize your home.  – Download from iTunes

6. Workflow ($3.99)


Workflow can be compareed to the DO Button part of IFTTT’s productivity trio, as mentioned above and as will be feaured later on in the wrist. The Workflow app is another productivity app that is designed to help you save time, though offers more options and more depth. I’ve spoken to those who simply couldn’t get the hang of Workflow: while it might seem complicated to set up, it’s more than worth it in the long run. Basically, you set strings of actions to a single button – stuff you do quite often – so that you don’t have to go through the whole process each time.  For example, you can dedicate a single button to taking a screenshot and uploading it to Dropbox, all with just one tap. A true time saver! – Download from iTunes

5. Moment (Free)


For those parents that want to monitor how often their children are using the family iPhone and iPad, there are few more useful apps that Moment. With this app, you will be able to glance at your Apple Watch and see how many times a given device has been picked up by different people in the family, and indeed how many minutes it has been used for during the day. It’s a very useful app to have, and saves a lot of time when compared to your average parental control app.- Download from iTunes


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