Top 8 | Things to Expect from Apple WWDC 2015

It’s that time of year again: as Apple prepares to kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, the world holds its breath in anticipation. What exactly are we going to see during the presentation; what will be the surprises and the disappointments? The Internet and social media in general has been rife in recent weeks with speculation as to just what might be unveiled, including countless “what to expect” articles – much like this one, in fact! So in the general spirit of the moment, we decided post our thoughts on the event and offer our insight as mere fans into what Apple might be readying. We’ll accompany this with a live tweeting about the event from our Twitter account, including a handful of “what we learned” pieces later next week. Apple has used past editions of the WWDC to announce and preview new versions of both OS X and iOS, so this will probably be the main thing to expect. As for everything else, check out our Top 8 below to find out more!

8. Apple TV 


I suppose I should start with one thing we’re now unlikely to see in San Francisco on Monday, despite reports to the contrary months ago. It had been suggested that we might see both new Apple TV hardware that would support Siri, and perhaps some kind of subscription service involving bundled channels, but that now seems not to be the case. While we may not see anything when it comes to a new Apple TV at the WWDC this year, the project is still very much ongoing according to Apple, and may just be ready by the time September rolls around. We’ll have to wait and see!

7. Transit Directions


One rather small update that many sites seem to be picking up on is that of Apple Maps, which of course has something of a chequered past to say the least but the future is looking rosy. If Apple wants their Maps app to compete in any way to what we get with Google Maps, some major changes are in order and that looks to be the case with this latest update. It is said that Apple Maps will finally be getting Transit directions, which while an important addition is somewhat overdue to say the least. This is following on from Apple’s recent purchasing of two public transit apps, Embark and HopStop, the technology and ideas from which will no doubt be included in this update. Apparently, this is an update that almost made its way into iOS 8, so it’s likely we’ll see something here.

6. iTunes Streaming


Each year, Apple seems to come up with something media-based in order to keep that side of their fanbase happy, and this year it appears to have something to do with a new streaming service. While details are scant at the present time, there have been rumors around for some time that Apple were indeed building a streaming service to rival Spotify. We’ve seen iTunes Radio and iTunes Match in recent years, but this apparently new streaming system will be a whole lot bigger and potentially game changing, if some sources are to be believed. Much of this will be of course down to Apple’s purchase of Beats, the foundations from which will most likely make up this new streaming service under the Apple banner.

5. HomeKit App 


The title HomeKit App above is I guess rather misleading, since we already know that the app itself will be simply known as the Home app. Last year, Apple very much embraced smart home technology and the concept known as the Internet of Things with HomeKit, which put tools in the hands of developers to create apps and devices that would improve the standard of living with functional home accessories. iOS 9 is the name on everyone’s lips as the 2015 edition of the WWDC rolls around, and one thing that Apple looks set to include within this new operating system is an app dedicated to home tech. This will give users access to all their synced devices around the home, in much the same way that the Health app syncs to those devices that have been created with HealthKit.


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