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We’ve already featured a Top 8 article earlier on this week that detailed all the great office apps and packages currently available for the iPad – including the Apple Productivity Suite and of course Google Docs and Microsoft Office. The apps provided by these developers are among the best when it comes to editing documents, creating spreadsheets and presentations respectively. I’d even suggest that the regular professional obtain a copy of just about every app, since each will offer a similar scope but different features and options. One thing that we haven’t looked at however is the simple text editing apps, of which there are many available for the iPad. These are the kind of apps that are idea for writers, meaning that they present the writing environment as a blank space and without all the distractions that come with other apps. The following are our favorite text editing apps on the iPad:

8. Pages ($9.99)


So, I should warn readers now that I didn’t intentionally set up this list to feature a bunch of expensive apps at the beginning – it just happened that way. I came up with a range of useful text editing apps, made the bold decision to cut out Microsoft Word in that it is more a fully fledged document editor rather than a text editor, and then settled on a Top 8. It just so happens that these first 3 entries cost $9.99 each, but Pages from Apple is free to those who have recently bought an Apple device which is a nice touch. Pages has served as something of a benchmark for how text editing should look on the tablet, and its clean interface is second to none – what’s more, it is optimized by Apple for their Apple tablet – what more could you want? – Download from iTunes

7. Drafts 4 ($9.99)

Drafts 4

I love Drafts 4 for its focus on text, text and just text! It allows you to capture notes and send them just about anywhere, with a clean and simple interface that eases you through the process. So many word processing apps can leaver the user bogged down in an array of options such as pop up windows that ask if you want to share the item, or needless toolbars that are put there just to fill the space. It’s nice to find an app that is not concerned with all this stuff but presents a simple and easy to use layout, and one that is so deftly integrated with other Apple apps you might use such as Mail, Messages, Calendar, Reminders and more. – Download from iTunes

6. iA Writer Pro ($9.99)

iA Writer Pro

iA Writer Pro is exactly what it says it is: namely, an app designed specifically for the writer and the writing process. There is no heavy interface involved  as a distraction – what you see here is what you get, and there are no complications to worry about. This is a minimalist app that focuses on the writing, with a clear background and simple fixed width font to make things easier to navigate and edit. There is a lot of room left over for the iPad’s big and satisfying keyboard, which makes the writing process much easier. There is a cheaper version of the app available, but if you are going to spend money on a decent word processing app for your iPad then we recommend grabbing the Pro option. – Download from iTunes

5. Byword ($2.99)


Byword is a slightly cheaper alternative at just $2.99, but offers much of the same minimalist functionality. The text is also formatted with Markdown, which is idea for those writing for the Internet such as bloggers and the like. – Download from iTunes


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