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We here at Top 8 are huge fans of productivity apps that are simply there to make your life easier – to do list and task management apps in particular. Those that allow you to lay out a set of objectives for the day, week or even the next few hours, whether you are simply doing chores around the home or are at work and have too many things to keep track of. These apps can be an excellent way to manage your workload and keep on top of which things you should prioritize. With the Apple Watch, we’ve seen a surge in productivity packages and task management apps, many of which have been updated to work with Apple’s new wearable device. This of course lends a whole new level of convenience to your average productivity app, since the at-a-glance nature of the Watch means that you can quickly check on the things you have to do and check off  the things you’ve done with ease. As a busy person, you often don’t have the ability to pull out your iPhone and check each time, which is where the Apple Watch comes in handy. But what are its best task management apps?

8. GoodTask 2 (Free)


Let’s kick things off with GoodTask 2, which is one of those that has received a lot of positive exposure in recent months. It’s one of the best we’ve come across in terms of design, laying things out cleanly and simply in order to make the process of browsing and checking off tasks as painless as possible. The tasks can be browsed in different ways, with separate views for each day, week, and even the month at large if you want a more expansive overview of your tasks. It’s a solid productivity app for the Apple Watch, though I’ll admit to not having properly used it on other iOS devices. – Download from iTunes

7. Toodledo ($3.99)


Another personal favorite of ours is Toodledo, which is another of those iOS task management apps out there that has recently been updated to function with the Apple Watch. The main feature of this one is the idea of a Hotlist, which is basically your more important list of things to do, which can now be viewed and accessed at a glance on your wrist. The app will also allow you to access your due tasks, overdue and starred tasks with ease. – Download from iTunes

6. Trello (Free)


Trello is an easy way to organize just about anything you’re currently working on, whether that be work related stuff such as getting emails sent or simply household chores.  There are many different features here that are designed to help you become more productive, including the ability to create boards of cards, then invite friends or colleagues in order to collaborate on specific projects. This is excellent for work, but also great if you’re simply organizing a party or even a holiday. You can share out the tasks and allow everyone to interact and collaborate in order to get things done – not matter what platform they are currently using. Of course, the Apple Watch version of Trello does make the whole process a lot easier, since you can check things at a glance and check them off with a tap of your wrist. – Download from iTunes

5. Wunderlist ($5.99)

Wunderlist is another fantastic list management app on iOS devices, including now the Apple Watch. It’s a great way to quickly view your agenda at a glance, and does a good job filtering out the smaller and less significant tasks in order to prioritize those that are more worth of your immediate attention. The best thing about this app is its home view, which puts everything you need to check in one place and makes the whole process of managing your tasks a lot easier.- Download from iTunes


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