Top 8 | Super Bowl Apps for Android

It’s that time of year again! The greatest sporting event on Earth is upon us once again: the Super Bowl, watched by more people than any similar single event in the world, and famous not just for its sporting action but also the exclusive unveiling of commercials by huge brands and a half-time performance that will put most pop concerts to shame. We understand that most football fans won’t get the chance to witness the Super Bowl first hand, therefore we have come up with a bunch of great apps to use on your Android device that will bring you closer to the action. On February 1, the New England Patriots will take on the Seattle Seahawks, so get downloading now and prepare yourself for the big day with these cool football apps.

8. PlayUp (Free)


PlayUp is almost like a sports-related chat room, where you can spout all kinds of nonsense alongside like-minded individuals. Part of the great thing about the Super Bowl is the social aspect, bringing together fans of the teams involved and neutrals alike for a one-off event in which old rivalries are cast aside in the spirit of football and all personal issues are forgotten for the few hours that the game lasts. If you can’t make it to a Super Bowl party however, PlayUp is really the next best thing. There are live score updates meaning that you will be able to check all the details on the fly, but most importantly is the chat features that will put you in close contacts with hundreds of football fans from around the world. – Download on Google Play

7. theScore (Free)


I thought I’d mention theScore here since it remains one of my favorite sporting apps for Android when it comes to keeping on top of the various sports and events that could be happening on any given Sunday. The same time you are watching the NFL on Sunday evening, there could be soccer games happening on the other side of the world! This is a great way to check up on those scores in a real-time fashion, though is of course irrelevant when put in the context of the Super Bowl when there are only two teams playing! The app is however a great source for extra information that you can seek out even while the game is going on – an excellent addition to the smartphone of any true sports fan! – Download on Google Play

6. Thuuz Sports (Free)


Another great sports app is Thuuz, which represents an excellent and innovative way to track the games that are going on. If you are the kind of neutral fan that would rather just take in the best and most exciting games that are going on at the time, this is the app for you! It provides a real-time rating for each game that goes up and down, from 0 to 100, so that you know exactly when things are beginning to heat up and can change the channel accordingly. – Download on Google Play

5. NFL Homegating (Free)


This has been around for a while but is actually a recent discovery for me, and I love the way it brings the food and social aspects of tailgating to mobile devices. Watching the Super Bowl (or indeed the football on any Sunday) is something of an American tradition, but organizing parties and meals can be difficult when there are lots of people involved. This app gives you a bunch of different recipes to choose from and even a countdown timer until kick-off so that you know exactly how much time you have! – Download on Google Play


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