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I have to admit to having something of a passion where strategy games are concerned, particularly the old RTS games on the PC that came out during the 1990s: think Command & Conquer, Age or Empires and that kind of thing. I don’t think there’s one genre that has stripped me of more game hours over the years than the strategy game. Given that, I am something of an RTS purist and think that they should be played using a mouse and keyboard or not at all! In that sense, I’m not really the best person to be reviewing a bunch of strategy games for mobile devices, but I have had a lot of fun coming up with this list and there are some amazing titles on it. One of the most interesting things about making the list was spotting all those residual influences that the strategy games of old have had on the mobile strategy games of today. Without further ado, here are our favorites!

8. Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($4.99)


For those that are aware of the Kingdom Rush franchise, there’s not much to say about this one other than the fact that it is the latest edition and also the best. It takes what was a solid tower defense games and elevates it to a whole new level, with a bunch of added features – and not just new heroes to pick from with exciting new abilities. Perhaps the best thing about this app is the upgrade aspect, which allows you to earn points as you progress and then use these to improve your hero and add new abilities. I find it interesting how developers look to take what are essential strategy game elements and put them in a fast-paced context, and then give it all a colorful sheen that will attract casual games that maybe haven’t played a strategy game before – Kingdom Rush Frontiers is one of the most successful at this. – Download from iTunes

7. Eufloria HD ($4.99)

So, I can see how this perhaps wouldn’t be considered a traditional strategy game by some, but for me it displays way too many strategy game traits to ignore. It’s also the kind of game that’s impossible to categorize and explain, which is why I’m simply not going to! Just check out the video of Eufloria above and find out for yourself! – Download from iTunes

6. Plants vs. Zombies ($0.99)


Another tower defense game that has become very popular across a range of different platforms is Plants vs. Zombies, which basically puts you in charge of an army of vegetation and then has you fight off swarms of undead. The real strategy behind the game comes in the placement of your defenses and the timing, which can be crucial at specific points in the game. I first came across the game on the Xbox Live Arcade, and while it hasn’t exactly evolved much since then (there is a sequel available) it’s still a lot of fun. – Download from iTunes

5. Anomaly 2 ($4.99)

Anomaly 2

Staying on the tower defense kick for now, Anomaly 2 is a fun sci-fi take that will attract players with its fast-paced gameplay and stunning illustrations. I didn’t actually play the original Anomaly so can’t tell you if it’s much of an upgrade, but it is a fun iPhone strategy game all the same. Someone tells me that the graphics have seen a notable improvement, which must be the case since the visuals are probably the best thing about Anomaly 2 and are an excellent way to show off your iPhone if nothing else! – Download from iTunes


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