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The world is still gripped by Star Wars fever, with The Force Awakens set to hit theaters around the globe over the festive period. As a result, interest in apps and games for the iPhone is bound to be higher than it was a couple of years ago. But what are the best Star Wars games currently available for the iPhone? Fortunately, there are quite a few to choose from on the App Store at present, including those that are quite simple and also those that are quite complicated such as LEGO Star Wars and BioWare’s legendary Knights of the Old Republic RPG. Historically, Star Wars games on consoles in the past haven’t been the best, and I’d say that there are currently only a couple of games that really do the franchise justice in video game format. Check out some of our favorite iOS Star Wars games below, and then feel free to tell us some of your favorites in the comments section below!

8. Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Free)

I feel the need to at least drop in a passing mention of Star Wars: Galactic Defense, since I did put a few hours into it and think it works well as a typical tower defence game. In fact, if there’s anything that does let this game down it’s that developer DeNA really didn’t do a whole lot to turn this into a SW game rather than take an existing game engine and add a SW theme on top. Still, it’s fun to play and more importantly free to play! – Download from iTunes

7. Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions (Free)

If you’ve not seen the Star Wars Rebels TV show yet, I’d recommend checking it out at the earliest possible moment! It’s a fun enough adventure game, but limited in many ways. It’s almost as though they took an existing game engine and applied certain things to it in order to rush out a game to represent the Rebels TV series. It’s a lot like Temple Run in a way, which kind of fits the TV show down to the ground and was probably the best game format they could have chosen. You learn how to shoot and most importantly how to run and avoid the bad guys, so it has a fairly easy learning curve and even younger players shouldn’t have any trouble picking this one up. The first four levels of the game are free to play, but then you will have to pay in order to continue your campaign.  – Download from iTunes

6. LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters ($0.99)

As you might expect, Star Wars games on the iOS platform have taken many different shapes and sizes, including RTS games and RPG games. We shouldn’t be at all surprised then to see something like Microfighters, which is yet another game in the LEGO Star Wars franchise but is only loosely connected. This one is a classic top down shooter in the old school vein, so will appeal to retro gamers as well as SW completionists who want to play every game out there! – Download from iTunes

5. Star Wars Pinball 3 ($1.99)

Star Wars Pinball is just as fun as it sounds; developers Zen Studios should be given credit for taking what is really an obsolete game and breathing new life into it through their creative range of different Star Wars titles. This third one is the most fun of all, with a unique and fresh design that promises you’ll never get bored. And new tables are constantly being added in updates so there will always be something to keep you on your toes and continue playing. – Download from iTunes


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