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While most of us were certainly expecting the Apple Watch to be a big hit among those that develop accessories and of course those that seek them out, I wasn’t quite expecting docks and stands to feature much at all. But thinking about it, it makes complete sense that Apple Watch users should respond to such a market. Unlike its smartphone companion, the Apple Watch is wearable technology so should essentially be worn at all times, but of course it still has to be removed in order to charge, and at that point becomes somewhat more vulnerable than an iPhone. Not only have charging stands and docks for Apple Watch become a big hit already, but there is also a noticeable trend towards dual chargers that incorporate both the iPhone and the Apple Watch – something that was perhaps less practical with the iPhone/iPad combination Here, we take a look at some of these stands and docks that are currently doing the rounds, and pick a favorite!

8. Poetic Dual Stand ($19.95)


Again, many of the stands and docks for Apple Watch that you will find on Amazon are those that are designed to that both the Watch and the iPhone, and I think that our list reflects this: with a nice even split of four single stands and four dual stands. The first of these is this one, created by Poetic, which is certainly one of the more affordable options out there but still does its job well. In terms of design, this is quite similar to Griffin’s WatchStand (more on that below) in that it places the Apple Watch above the iPhone which can then be placed in a horizontal cradle undernearth. It’s not ideal if you want to check your iPhone in portrait mode while it is charging, but at least the setup looks nice! – Buy from Amazon

7. JETech Apple Watch Stand ($11.95)


For those looking at something more affordable and also fun, JETech’s Apple Watch stand might well be the one for you. It is an all plastic stand with a simple design and soft docking area, but perhaps more importantly comes in a range of different colors. I should mention that, on the bases of a quick glance around Amazon, this design appears to be an OEM one that does appear under quite a few different names. Early revies suggest that it’s okay if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful to keep your Apple Watch from being scratched up on your desk or charging on the floor, though users have mentioned that the central groove that holds the cable – well, doesn’t. – Buy from Amazon

6. Aerb Charging Stand ($19.99)


With the iPhone, there is a worrying trend towards providing stand options that come in not only a range of colors but also textures and materials. This is no different with the Apple Watch, with many companies coming up with pine wood or in this case bamboo wood docks and chargers that one supposes are sold on their decorative merits. I’m ot a huge fan, but if varnished wood is your thing then Aerb have a nice dual charging option that supports both the Apple Watch and the iPhone. It is rather primitive, but won’t break the bank and does a good enough job when it comes to displaying your two favorite devices. – Buy from Amazon

5. Orzly DuoStand ($16.99)


Another dual stand that is designed to take both your iPhone and your Apple Watch is this one, from Orzly. As these dual stands go (or in this case, DuoStand), the price of this one s eems to undercut many of the rival products. The design is similar to that developer by Spigen for their Apple Watch stand (more on that one later) with a design that recalls that of the iMac, though has been improved slightly to offer users the chance to charge their iPhone at the same time as their Apple Watch – not side by side or above and below, but in this case in front and behind. So yes, if you’re not too bothered about having to spin your stand in order to access  each device, then this one might work for you. – Buy from Amazon


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