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Spotify has quickly become the premier iPhone app all over the world for streaming and downloading music directly to your smartphone or tablet, but with such success will obviously come many different kinds of competition: pretenders to the throne! Currently, music streaming is perhaps the one market of apps that is crowded more than ever, with huge, heavyweight companies vying for the same patch of turf. Google have their own Google Play Music service, whereas Apple have iTunes Radio and the recently purchased Beats Music. Everywhere you look, there is a nice music app out with powerful financial backing looking to entice both users into shifting their alliance and also to give artists an incentive to create and release exclusive content on their platform. All of this makes for some interesting competition, both when it comes to the different features we see within these apps and the prices that they offer, always attempting to undercut the opposition. With this all in mind, we recently took time out to test run most of the music streaming apps available on the App Store to come up with this Top 8 alternatives to Spotify!

8. iTunes Radio (Free)


This is almost like a default first entry, since it’s the logical choice for Apple fans and iPhone or iPad users everywhere. I’ve noticed a conscious push in Apple’s policies recently, especially when it comes to small, third party apps that look to offer some kind of limited (perhaps questionable) music streaming or downloading service, perhaps taking advantage of some kind of existing service and piggybacking on its archives, such as the music found on SoundCloud. Apple seems to have wiped many of these apps from the App Store, and any attempts to follow links to their old pages will result in being directed to the page for iTunes Radio. I think this makes Apple’s intentions very clear: maximize exposure and sweep up all those first time users. And with their recent purchase of Beats Music, Apple now has potentially two horses in the race!

7. Napster (Free)

This is more of a nostalgic entry, since I remember spending hours back in the day downloading not albums but single songs from Napster. Of course, technology has advanced well past that point, with users now able to download entire albums in a matter of seconds while on the bus to work. While Napster was one of those to bear the full force of the music industry against piracy in the 1990s, the name has somehow survived and there is a nice Napster streaming service available for the iPhone today. Though, we assume that this is mainly because the name is one that so many people hold dear as an important point in their lives, rather than the fact that Napster can actually compete with the likes of Spotify. – Download from iTunes

6. Rdio (Free)


Rdio is a beautifully packaged alternative to Spotify, with well over 30 million songs to choose from – so people certainly can’t criticize it of not offering a wide enough selection. There are offline playback options, available with the premium version that starts at around $9.99 for unlimited listening and of course the elimination of all thsoe pesky ads. While Rdio lacks the exclusive pop music tie-ins that make Spotify so popular, I’d say that it’s certainly the best looking of all the music streaming apps on the iPhone at present, with a beautiful minimalist interface. – Download from iTunes

5. Beats Music (Free)

We mention Beats above, and it’s worth mentioning it again. The meain reason it seems to stand out at the moment is because of its fantastic abilities regarding playlist curation, or the ability to give you new stuff to listen to each time you tune in and to allow users to easily discover new music that fits with their own specific tastes. There is just about something for everyone here, with subscriptions from around $10 a month including offline playback and a whole lot more. – Download from iTunes


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