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There are so many sports news apps out there for your iPhone, but which to download and which to ignore? The iTunes Store has quite a few interesting third-party sports apps out there, but we recommend sticking to the official apps of sport associations and TV networks to get the best options. Though, it really depends what you are looking for in a sports news app: if you want to keep on top of the latest scores that’s one thing, but watching live streams and video highlights is something else. Take a look at our favorite sports news apps for your iPhone listed below, and let us know what you think!

8. At Bat (Free)


For those into baseball, this is the perfect app to keep up to date with your favorite team – including live scores, video highlights and much more! The app is free to download, as suggested above, but does require you to subscribe at a monthly cost of $2.99 or even $19.99 for the year if you would prefer an annual deal – at least, in order to take advantage of the best features. This becomes especially relevant during the offseason, when At Bat premium subscribers are given the opportunity to relive any regular season or postseason game from the previous year with full-game video or simply highlights. A great deal, if you can’t get enough of your baseball! – Download on iTunes

7. Thuuz Sports (Free)


This is a third-party sports app that offers a nice innovation, allowing users to see which upcoming and ongoing games are worth watching. It does so by rating them on an excitement scale of 0-100, which is great for the neutral sports fan who would rather be entertained, and avoid the games that are boring! The app’s page on the iTunes Store promises the following: “Thuuz makes sure you never miss a Patriots-Broncos game for the ages, a Lebron-fueled 4th quarter comeback, a Zimmerman no-hitter, or a Messi hat trick.” As you can see, they really know their stuff! It’s a great alternative app if you’ve just about had it with the likes of ESPN and CBS and similar networks. – Download on iTunes

6. Team Stream (Free)


Team Stream is the official sports news and scores apps from Bleacher Report, one of the best websites in the business. I’ve been reading along to the site for years and assure you that they’re increasingly impressive when it comes to reporting the latest news and opinions. The great thing about this app is its power when it comes to aggregating different streams of content – simply select from various favorite sports and teams to customize your screen how you wish! This is the idea behind the title: the fact that you alone can control the content that you are displayed, meaning that you won’t have to waste time navigating between articles that hold no interest to you. – Download on iTunes

5. Yahoo Sports (Free)


Yahoo’s official sports app is designed to sync across website and mobile apps, bringing you all the latest news, scores and important stats from your favorite sports. We love this app for the attention to detail, and the depth each page goes to when it comes to the latest sports statistics and important figures. It’s also a great app to have if you love Fantasy Football and want to enter a team into Yahoo’s annual competition. The app is easy enough to navigate, and you can even customize your alterns to get instant reminders about kick-off times and news on the latest things that are happening in the games that interest you. – Download on iTunes


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