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As a nation of sports fans, we love to stay in touch and keep ourselves updated on the latest sporting events. Whether there are games currently in play and you want to have a live feed of the score as it updates, or you simply want to hear about the latest headlines as and when they break, there are plenty of sports news apps out there for the Android platform that are designed to provide you with just that. Admittedly, so many of these are the official news of massive corporations dedicated to the broadcasting and reporting of sports such as football and basketball – think of ESPN, CBS and these kind of stations. But that said, there are a growing range of third party apps that look to cut through any agenda that these stations might have and deliver the sports news to you in a less biased fashion. Also, those that go and look at a range of different sources for the latest sports news, including the teams and organizations themselves. Either way, you should have no shortage of great sports news with these excellent sports news apps!

8. Yahoo Sports (Free)


I suppose that this one is a good place to start: Yahoo is a household name in the US by now, and while their search engine is by no means the search engine of choice, they still excel when it comes to reporting the news. This Yahoo Sports app is basically a reflection of their sports section on the news part of their website, and is updated regularly to reflect any news that may have broken. While I think the Yahoo Sport app deserves mentioning because Yahoo do know how to do reporting, one of the main drawbacks with this particular app is that it does lack something of a personalized touch. Still, there are some nice features including the ability to add your own favorite team and then receive tailored updates through a widget. – Download from Google Play

7. CBS Sports (Free)


CBS is one of the leaders when it comes to sports broadcasting, so it makes sense that they would also have an app to help reflect this. That said, and unlike the Yahoo Sports app mentioned above, this one does feature a lot of downright intrusive in-app advertising. If you can overlook this however, the interface is nicely done and easy enough to navigate if you’re new to this kind of thing. There are custom alterts for your favorite team, a general overview and some excellent live game trackers if you can’t watch a game but don’t want to miss out on a moment of the action! – Download from Google Play

6. Thuuz Sports (Free)

Thuuz Sports is the first one of these smaller sports news apps that I came across and is notable because it exists as something of a departure from what we’re used to. You get nowhere without innovation and the app certainly proves that, standing on its own due to a revolutionary new way of rating games that are ongoing or upcoming based on a scale of excitement. It is therefore the perfect app for the neutral sports fan. – Download from Google Play

5. theScore (Free)

TheScore has been one of my favorite sports news apps for some time now, and with each update seems to iron out any issues and simply improve. Whether you like MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA or any other sport around the world, this app keeps you updated with the latest news. The whole app revolves around the idea of a personalized news feed, as you might see in something like Facebook. You can then customize this feed to add your favorite teams and sports so as to ensure that all of the content that pops up as you avidly refresh your feed on TheScore will involve news that you are interested in, without all the fluff that you are bored of seeing! – Download from Google Play


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