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Despite the increased ability to stream just about anything these days with your favorite Apple device no matter where you are, every sports fan worth his salt will tell you that only one thing matters: the ability to check things quickly, and receive constant, detailed updates. As such, the Apple Watch is really an ideal platform when it comes to keeping on top of the exploits of your favorite sports team, even when you’re indisposed and unable to watch the action. The Apple Watch really gives new meaning the the idea of at-a-glance notifications, meaning that you can keep your iPhone in your pocket and simply check the scores as they pop up on your wrist, or tap away to get more details. But what are the sports apps worth considering? We recently took a bunch of those that have become available for a test run in order to find out. Check out our picks below, and then – in the spirit of sporting competition – why not take to the comments section below the article in order to suggest some of your own?

8. Onefootball (Free)


So, full disclosure here, people: you can keep your NBA and your MLB and even your NFL, for me the best sport in the world is football in its purest form. But being a big fan of the sport, it is often difficult to keep up on the latest news and also the latest scores. Many of the big matches taking place in countries like England, Germany and Spain will be happening at odd times becomes of the time difference, and while paying channels like NBC do an excellent job broadcasting stuff live, I like to keep on top of all the scores. Enter the Onefootball app, which has been recently updated to work with the Apple Watch and is great for checking up on past results, upcoming fixtures and of course for keeping on top of the latest live scores with highlights! – Download from iTunes

7. NBA Game Time (Free)


If you’re an NBA fan who like to follow not only the regular season but also the playoffs and keep on top of all the latest news and opinions as well as the scores, then there’s an app for that. The NBA’s official Game Time app was recently updated to support the Apple Watch, and it’s actually one of the more visually stunning sporting apps you will find out there. Rather than presenting the scores in a simply screen of text, the Apple Watch version of this app shows all the emblems and logos of the different teams: there are new features such as the live playoffs bracket, news, videos and of course schedules and all the latest scores and results. You can even pick your favorite team through the app and receive at a glance notifications for the team in question, right to your wrist. – Download from iTunes

6. Hole19 (Free)


There are quite a few of these GPS golfing apps out there, but only a handful have been recently updated to support the Apple Watch. Hole19 is one of these, and obviously transforms into a whole new app with the support of the wearable device, meaning that you can keep your iPhone safely wrapped up in your golf bag and use this Apple Watch app to check the latest yardages, course maps and that kind of thing. And the cool thing is that, given that your Watch is in contact with your iPhone, your stats will be recorded and you can check on them using your iPhone once back in the clubhouse after a round. – Download from iTunes

5. at Bat (Free)


The at Bat app has always been the go to app for fans of baseball both in the US and around the world, and this doesn’t look set to change now that they’ve updated the app to support Apple’s new wearable device. The app will provide baseball fans with live scores, statistics, pitch tracking, player cards, notifications and a whole lot more. And of course, as with most of the sports apps that have made this list, you can customize it to see exactly what you want to see, or if you are simply interested in getting a wider picture you can check out the league wide scoreboard to keep on top of all the scores. – Download from iTunes


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