Top 8 | Social Apps for Apple Watch

While I suppose the primary function of Apple’s new wearable wonder is to provide the user with true, immediate and at a glance access to their info, there is still a great call for social media among its users. I mean, most of the time people will use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and Instagram in order to keep in touch with their friends, or update people on their list of followers of what they are doing. But let’s not forget that social media also represents a very important tool for business owners, putting you in greater contact than ever before with your customers. While the idea of the Apple Watch makes typing difficult, and as such social media and messaging apps will never take off in the same way that they have on the iPhone, just monitoring these social media accounts becomes a whole lot easier with this device. Given the fact that Facebook have still not updated their iOS app for use with the Apple Watch, what other social apps are there out there that users can take advantage of? Well, as we find out in the list below, the answer to that is many!

8. Pip (Free)


I recently saw an episode of the hit show Silicon Valley that poked fun at the idea first conceived by the Yo app, which let you send just that single word to a list of friends. But let me tell you right now, despite the spike in popularity of the Yo app and subsequent casting out of the idea into the annals of ridiculous app ideas, it’s an idea that isn’t going away! And my first piece of evidence in this case is the Pip app, which is currently available for the iPhone and now the Apple Watch, actually fleshes out this idea and rather than allowing you simply to send a “Pip” to your friends, allows you to do other stuff as well. You’re basically given a set of different options to choose from, almost like preset messages, making conversing quicker and easier. And without a traditional keyboard, that’s something that really suits the Apple Watch as a platform!  – Download from iTunes

7. Meetup (Free)


Meetup is an excellent way to make your community real, as the developers say. It helps you find people in your area who are meeting up for whatever reason, which makes it easier to find people that share your common insterests. So if you’re new to a particular city or are simply looking for some new friends, Meetup is a nice way to bridge those gaps and break down those boundaries – and of course, all of this can be done from your wrist! – Download from iTunes

6. WeChat (Free)

We all know about WeChat these days, and we’re all very much aware of the fact that most of North America’s most prominent messaging companies seem to be resembling the giant of China each and every week! From Kik to Tango and Snapchat to Facebook, more and more of these messaging apps are taking the line of WeChat, which has a huge percentage of the Asian market, and using its movements for inspiration. In many ways WeChat is something of a jack-of-all trades – at least in China it is! – allowing you to buy a train ticket, call a taxi or read the news among other things. These are things, believe it or not that our own messaging apps are beginning to implement, too. So before long, even more of your life could be confined to your messaging app of choice. WeChat recently revealed their update app for the Apple Watch, which is solid enough. – Download from iTunes

5. LINE (Free)

Another big name in Asia is LINE messenger, which are based in Japan and have also updated their app recently to support the Apple Watch. Those who use Line with their smartphone will then be able to link it to their Watch, and of course both view messages and send messages from their wrist. While the launch version of LINE on the Apple Watch is somewhat limited, with less stickers and emoji available, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this change in the future! – Download from iTunes


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