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So many of the popular iPhone apps that have since become household names found their success through differentiating: through offering users something different, or changing the way people see things for the better. Of course, for every one of these developers there are ten behind them waiting to take advantage of popularity in order the make a quick buck, and who can blame them? It is up to Apple and Google to ensure that these apps don’t make it to iTunes and Google Play respectively, and that they do not push down really innovative apps, that slide into obscurity as a result of some standing on others’ shoulders. Snapchat is one of these apps that clearly identifies a problem or niche market and seeks to rectify this with an innovative new app. In this case, it is the idea of messaging and the fact that many people are worried about the security of their messages. What happens if your smartphone or tablet falls into the wrong hands? Is a lock screen really that protective? Their fantastically quick way to communicate via photos and the self destruction of messages has proved immensely popular, but there are other apps out there that are looking to do something similar!

8. Confide (Free)

The first app that I would suggest as a Snapchat alternative is Confide, which is less about photos and more about off-the-record messaging. It’s also neat, if you see the app in action above, to watch how your words disappear as they are read. Just one way to reassure users that the info they are sending is temporary and not stored anywhere once it has been read by the recipient.- Download from iTunes

7. Frankly Chat (Free)


Frankly Chat is a good name for this one, since it seems to have no trouble posing as what most people use it for: that is, chatting without getting caught! For the Tinder generation, I suppose this has become something of a norm, since many people use messaging apps for that reason and are only looking for something that will keep their messages private. Frankly does that well. – Download from iTunes

6. Wickr (Free)

The apps that make up this list of Snapchat alternatives tend to range in what they offer, with some being a lot more comprehensive when it comes to sending photo and video, and others sliding more towards the security side of things. When it comes to the latter of these attributes, I think that one of your best bets is Wickr. In the wake of the mess at Sony, where important emails were leaked to the public that jeapordized the very foundation of the company, it is even more of a topical issue these days to ensure the safety of your info. With Wickr, you at least get a lot more information from the developer on how your messages are decrypted and encrypted and how your privacy is maintained. Also, in what almost seems like a test of faith, you don’t have to send Wickr your email address in order to register, as opposed to some other messaging apps. – Download from iTunes

5. Yovo (Free)

I might be wrong and be sure to correct me if I am, but I believe that Yovo is at this point an iOS only app foor photo messaging. Again, the developer has done something creative in their naming of a system: “D-Fence”, as football fans everywhere may have heard already, which is a privacy filter that primarily will prohibit other users from getting a screenshot of your messages and photos. This is one thing that users seem to have an issue with: the idea that no matter the encryption and self destructing messages, there is still the possibility that a user will take a screenshot of whatever you send them. Fortunately with Yovo that’s not the case. Though, the developer does admit to uploading (albeit encrypted) photos to their servers. While some users will be happy to hear that this data is encrypted, the idea of their sensitive material being stored on a third party server may be offputting. – Download from iTunes


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