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For what it’s worth, Skype is one of the best video chat platforms out there right now. It’s the reason you only see people using that when walking into Internet cafes around the country, since the service is so popular that just about everyone (and their grandmother) is connected to Skype. Part of the reason it has become so successful aside from the video calling is also the voice calling abilities that the app has, allowing you to call landlines as well as cellphones at a decent rate. It certainly beats investing in phone cards if you are calling overseas! There are however many reasons to fall out of love with Skype, and least not the reason that it’s produced by Microsoft! The connection can be poor no matter where you are, which makes seeking out alternative apps a good idea – even if only used for a backup! We took a few of these apps for a spin over the weekend, and came up with this Top 8 Skype alternatives for the iPad. Check out the suggestions and get in touch with us in the comment section below to recommend any others that come to mind!

8. Skype Qik (Free)

I guess one of the good places to start would be with Skype Qik, which is a nice little companion app developed by the same developers, and with more of an emphasis on snapping and sending. The app allows you to quickly take videos and then apply notes to them or scribble ideas, before sending them. This is the perfect app for those who are creative minded or who want to brainstorm ideas with others, but don’t have the time for a full on video conference using Skype or Hangouts or a similar video chatting app. While it’s not exactly a Skype alternative, it might be worth checking out Skype Qik if this sounds more your kind of thing! – Download from iTunes

7. Spin (Free)

Spin  is a nice alternative to Skype with a particular emphasis when it comes to conducting high definition group calls. The app actively encourages collaboration and multiple people chatting at the same time, making stuff like brainstorming a whole lot easier since you can quickly swipe elements into the chat window while on a call and even watch videos together using the app. So whether you are conducting a brainstorming session for work or simply planning an event, this app is a great option! – Download from iTunes

6. Tango (Free)


If you’re the kind of person that is looking beyond Skype but with a focus on free voice and video calls, then Tango might be worth a look. Unlike FaceTime which many iPad and Mac users still stick to, this one works over both 3G and WiFi, although I should mention that the iOS client isn’t yet optimized for the iPad 2. There is also no desktop version of the app to make communicating between those two platforms easier, but Tango succeeds mainly because it keep things simple. So yes, if you’re looking for a Skype replacement or something similar but better than FaceTime, then Tango is a nice alternative. – Download from iTunes

5. Paltalk (Free)


There are a few apps out there such as CamFrog and indeed PalTalk that can’t really be seen as direct alternatives to Skype by should perhaps be mentioned anyway. While PalTalk allows you to conduct private one to one video calls, it has become so popular because of its public options. There are tons of video chat rooms to pick from through the app, which encourages you to meet new people face to face. – Download from iTunes


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