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Video calling these days when one has the advantage of an ever present 3G signal is easier than ever, and with apps like Skype, you can even call landlines for an affordable free. In fact, Skype is so convenient that it has often replaced more established means of communication in countries where international calls are a part of daily life. Phone cards are now done with, as people seek to communicate with folks back home through Skype, either on their mobile devices or in the nearest Internet cafe.

It’s a lot more convenient, and costs less! Skype is undoubtedly one of the major players when it comes to video calling applications and services. Owned by Microsoft, it is the heavy hitter in the market that has since become the venerable alternative, since it has been around for so long. But what about the Skype alternatives that have cropped up over the years? Many of these are well worth your time, and while most can’t compete with Skype in terms of functionality, they may suit certain situations better.

8. Zangi (Free)

Let’s kick things off with Zangi, one of the lesser known Skype alternatives sout there. One of the main plus points of this video calling app is the fact that it supports calls over low data networks such as 2G and Edge, which is of course huge for those who are stuck with that kind of coverage. There are some excellent security features here, though we should note that Zangi is really designed for those with low end devices. – Download from Google Play

7. LINE (Free)

LINE is the most popular communications app you’ve never heard of, with a massive following in Asian countries that is slowly translating itself to success in the US. It features free voice an video calls, and is integrated with the contact list on your smartphone which makes it easier and more convenient than ever. While LINE exists as a viable alternative to Skype, there is a certain emphasis on the messaging side of things. It’s also a lot brighter, with efforts to engage the younger audience using things like emojis and stickers. And it’s great when it comes to cross-platform abilities! – Download from Google Play

6. Tango (Free)

Tango is another of those venerable video chatting platforms that has seemingly been around forever and ever, which might suggest that it isn’t topical enough to exist among these modern Skype alternatives. On the contrary, however, the team behind Tango have done an excellent job updating this service and improving it over the years. It features messaging, free voice calls and video calls, and there is even a strong social aspect here, allowing you to meet people in your area that share similar interests. While Tango doesn’t offer the kind of powerful communcation tools that Skype boasts, it remains a valid alternative and its focus on the social side of things (content, too) is something that a lot of users will find appealing, especially in this day and age! – Download from Google Play

5. Glide (Free)

So, Glide is an app  that I didn’t initially intend to place on the list, but is well worth mentioning regardless of the fact that it isn’t technically a video calling app. Indeed, technically this one is a video messaging app, meaning that you record videos and send them just as you would images or text. There are some live chatting features here, as the person you are sending the video to can watch you record it live (if that makes sense) but it’s really for those who like to communicate in a non-immediate fashion but with video and audio. Remember those friends that always send you voice clips in response to stuff on WhatsApp? Well, Glide is a lot like that only with videos!  – Download from Google Play


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