Top 8 | Security Apps for Apple Watch

Putting apps on your wrist obviously brings another level of convenience when it comes to accessing things and of course checking things at a glance, but it also raises new questions when it comes to security. As our smart devices quickly become almost like symbols of our own identity, so it becomes even more important to protect this information. While you can take steps to prevent big companies from accessing and sharing your personal information online, there is always the risk that you could leave your info exposed in other ways, hence the rise of so called authentication or security apps that are designed to protect your information behind many more layers than a simple password or four digit unlock code. These security apps range in functionality and quality, but we thought it would be cool to come up with some kind of definitive Top 8 for Apple’s new device so that you know which apps to trust when it comes to securing your data. Check out the entries below, and feel free to suggest your own in the comments section!

8. 2STP (Free)


Let’s start off with something that is relatively basic when compared to some of the apps listed below but is no less powerful when it comes to securing your data. 2STP is, as the name suggests, a neat 2 step authentication app that quickly generates 2 step codes that will help to protect a range of different platforms. Whether you are looking to secure your Google or Facebook account, or your files on Dropbox, the app basically dismisses the old 1 step password system and provides a double layer of security. The recent update for the Apple Watch also means that you can now see all of your 2 step codes on your wrist, and use the Glance feature to check them quickly and conveniently. – Download from iTunes

7. Lockdown ($3.99)


Another 2 step system worth checking out is Lockdown, which is an authentiation app that is compatible with a range of different platforms, including Google Authenticator and 1Password 2FA. Lockdown allows you to sync your info across multiple platforms and devices, meaning that you can access your 2 step login info no matter what device you are using. Then you can quickly find what you are looking for based on a favorites system that prioritizes those logins  you use the most, and saves a lot of trouble on a day to day basis. – Download from iTunes

6. Knock ($4.99)

When it comes to authentication apps, few are simpler than Knock – despite its $5 price tag. That said, I think that some of these apps do run the risk of becoming bogged down in detail and perhaps fail as a result; Knock sets out with one goal and accomplishes it well. The main idea is to add a layer of added protection not to the info on your Apple Watch but to that on your Mac, and then use your Watch as some kind of remote authentication – unlocking your Mac with a couple of knocks of your wrist once your are in range. It sounds simple and probably not worth the money, but I use it regularly and perhaps you should, too! – Download from iTunes

5. Usher Security (Free)


Usher Security by MicroStrategy Enterprises is slightly different to the apps listed so far (and those that will be listed on the following page) in that it can be applied not only to mobile platforms and devices but also other kinds of technology. What that means is you can use the app to securely log into a business system on your work MacBook for example, but also to open doors in your office! The idea behind this of course is that passwords really offer paper thin security when you are talking about protecting both the contents of your credit card and the contents of a building. Usher Security applies a thick layer of encryption to this, allowing the Apple Watch to become an extension of the iPhone functionality and act as a cyber key to unlock whatver it is you need unlocking – from doors to computer systems, the sky really is the limit! – Download from iTunes


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