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This list of Top 8 accessories will be reserved for those fitness product that are geared towards runners. Or, those that work out regularly by running rather than hitting the gym. It’s still cold at the moment where we are, so there was a temptation here to fill the list with things that keep you warm as well as keep you connected, but we decided against that in the end. Of course, running accessories could refer to many different kind of products, from armbands that are designed to hold your Android device to activity trackers that are supposed to report things like the distance you have covered, your overall speed, that kind of thing. This list will bring those products together in a single place, hopefully offering an array of different smart accessories that can be used in tandem with your Android device in order to make your running sessions easier. Check out our picks for the Top 8 running accessories below and then suggest your own picks in the comments section!

4. Withings Pulse 02 ($92.99)

The Withings Pulse O2 is another marvelous fitness tracker for Android users, allowing you to track a range of different things such as steps, elevation, distance, the average speed you have been running and the calories you have burned in the process. Like many of these running accessories and fitness trackers, you can wear it on a clip or on your wrist depending on what you prefer. You can browse your activity history on the device, not the app which is something that may interest some users. And Withings makes a great range of health products such as smart scales and blood pressure monitors, all of which can be used in tandem with this one to monitor your fitness levels in the best way possible. They also communicate with over 100 health and fitness partner apps, so chances are the app you use for fitness stuff will be able to communicate with your Withings device. – Buy from Amazon

3. Belkin Slim-Fit ($22.46)

Belkin has a nice little range of phone armbands and carriers, all of which are slightly different and designed for different needs and uses. The most popular of which are probably the Belkin EaseFit and Belkin SlimFit, which are fairly self explanatory when you’re considering the differences betwen each. The main difference I found between Belkin’s products and the others we tried is that there just seemed to be less bounce and jostle with these ones. Perhaps it was the material or straps used or simply the way the product is designed, but even when not tight the Belkin SlimFit remains in place without jumping around too much. – Buy from Amazon

2. Jawbone UP ($42.66)

The Jawbone UP has been improved with their slimmer UP 24 version, but we at Top 8 are still huge fans of this particular model. It’s really great in terms of connectivity and compatibility, supported by a range of different apps such as those by Runkeeper and also MyFitnessPal. The device is relatively slim and subtle, fitting neatly around the wrist and silently tracking your steps, the exercise and calories burned, the hours you sleep and more importantly the quality of your sleep. – Buy from Amazon

1. Fitbit Flex ($79.00)

The Fitbit Flex remains one of our favorite fitness trackers for use with mobile devices, and part of the reason we love it so much is its minimalist design. The tracker is small and lightweight without even a proper display, which some might see as a downside but why use a display when you can check all of your info and readouts through the app of your choice once you’ve finished your running session. The device will allow you to track the steps you take throughout the day, the distance you have traveled and how many calories you have burned. It’s also excellent when it comes to monitoring sleep quality! – Buy from Amazon


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