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This list of Top 8 accessories will be reserved for those fitness product that are geared towards runners. Or, those that work out regularly by running rather than hitting the gym. It’s still cold at the moment where we are, so there was a temptation here to fill the list with things that keep you warm as well as keep you connected, but we decided against that in the end. Of course, running accessories could refer to many different kind of products, from armbands that are designed to hold your Android device to activity trackers that are supposed to report things like the distance you have covered, your overall speed, that kind of thing. This list will bring those products together in a single place, hopefully offering an array of different smart accessories that can be used in tandem with your Android device in order to make your running sessions easier. Check out our picks for the Top 8 running accessories below and then suggest your own picks in the comments section!

8. Runtastic Orbit ($90.04)

If, like me, you regularly rely on one of Runtastic’s excellent fitness apps in order to track your fitness movements and activities, then making the jump to a Runtastic accessory like the Orbit seems like the logical step. The fitness tracker will keep track of your steps, the minutes you have been active, calories burned, sleep cycles and your individual fitness goals. The Orbit is called as such because it tracks everything in a cycical fashon, and does so all day long: there are even ways to monitor the ambient light levels in your room which is great for sleep tracking. The device allows you to set multiple alarms to get you up in the morning in the healthiest way possible. It really is one of the most comprehensive activity trackers out there, and is designed for you to use it every minute of the day.  – Buy from Amazon

7. SPIbelt ($22.95)

There is another waist belt that we came across when researching items for this list and one we liked a lot, but more on that below. The SPIbelt is another wait carrier but is a lightweight, minimal one that is designed for maximum comfort and none of those annoying moments where your fancy accessory of choice simply gets in the way of your running motion. The best thing about the SPIbelt is that it really is a belt rather than just a pack, meaning that it stays tight and doesn’t move around while you run. It’s a great place to tuck your smartphone away on those long runs where comfort becomes all importnt, and only costs around $20, too. – Buy from Amazon

6. Garmin Vivofit ($49.99)

French brand Garmin made their name with in car GPS devices, but has since become a leading name in fitness trackers such as this mode, the Garmin Vivofit. Many of these fitness trackers have their own little idiosyncratic features that set them apart from others, and the Vivofit has a nice little touch with its “move bar”. This is basically a bar that will show up on the digital display once you’ve been inactive for an hour, as such encouraging you to move around even if you’re stuck at the office. An additional move bar will light up for each 15 minutes of inactivity, meaning you have to spend more time walking around in order to get rid of them. It’s a nice, and not particularly invasive way of reminding you to stay active throughout the day. – Buy from Amazon

5. Nathan 5K ($18.77)

There’s no getting around it: the Nathan 5K Belt is a simply a glorified fanny pack, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most comfortable of the running accesories we tried out. If you don’t use headphones when running like me, then you won’t feel the need for a smartphone armband case, and as such this makes a lot more sense. It’s safe and secure, and allows you to tuck away not just your smartphone but also keys and credit card, for example, which is always nice to have on you just in case. The Nathan 5K Belt is relatively affordable, and allows you to store a lot more than your typical fitness armband case, but it does feel less natural carrying one of these than carrying something strapped to your arm. – Buy from Amazon


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