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The iPad is actually a surprisingly excellent platform for role playing games or RPGs, with a whole haven of interesting franchises making their way to Apple’s premium tablet over the course of the past few years. The thing with offline single player RPGs, however, is that you often pour hours and hours of gameplay into them which can become somewhat impractical on the iPad. Still, if you’re going to play RPGs on your mobile device then a tablet is the way to go, and for the most part developers have now worked out the most efficient way to make use of the touch screen. The App Store is full of excellent iPad role playing games to pick from, many of which are original ideas and only recently conceived, but there are many that have been resurrected and ported over from older consoles. This is certainly the case with Japan’s Square Enix, who have made it a mission to port many of their more beloved games over from the old SNES and PlayStation, though these will typically cost quite a lot.

8. Banner Saga ($9.99)

Let’s start with Banner Saga which boasts a striking visual style that seems at once reminiscent of the 90s cartoon movies but at the same time is something norse that goes against the current conventions as far as RPGs are concerned. This is one of the best RPGs you will find among mobile games in terms of a story that will actively change your game experience depending on the path you take or choice you make. It’s also surprisingly tactical, given all the hectic battles which will keep you on your toes and ensure that the more you progress through the game the better you will become at it – some of those battles at the end are quite tough, so you’ll need the practice! – Download from iTunes

7. Infinity Blade ($5.99)

Infinity Blade found a great amount of success after being featured in a commercial for the iPad, which tells you just what Apple thinks of this particular franchise – also, the standard of game you are looking at. Chair Entertainment produced this one using the Unreal Engine 3, so the wide open spaces and landscapes here are breathtaking and look excellent on the larger iPad screen. One thing that Infinity Blade does well as an RPG is to bring together the organizational elements of your typical game but while at the same time maintaining an exciting combat system that will keep even the more casual and impatient gamers entertained. – Download from iTunes

6. Order & Chaos Online (Free)

We’ll probably never see something like World of Warcraft (the milestone in MMORPG games) on a mobile device such as Apple’s iPad, but there are one or two games that come quite close. Order & Chaos Online is perhaps the most WoW of all role playing games on the iOS platform at present, presenting players the opportunity to pick a character of a specific class, race and faction and then heading off with other people online to hoard loot and gain new abilities as you rack up those experience points. – Download from iTunes

5. Oceanhorn ($8.99)

It’s difficult to describe Oceanhorn to people who are yet to play it, but in these cases we will typically grab at a similar game in order to make some kind of comparison. The game that Oceanhorn reminds me of the most is Wind Waker game in the Zelda series, with a similar story of a young man who becomes the man of the house at a tender age and must then set off on a daunting quest. There are also the maritime elements that help to make the comparison, too. The controls here can get rather awkward at times, so it does take some getting used to but is more than worth the hours you will undoubtedly end up pouring into it. – Download from iTunes


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