Top 8 | Retro Games for Apple Watch

You might say that the mobile format is perfect for games of the past, given the smaller screen and hardware restraints. If that is indeed the case, then surely the wearable platform is even more suited to it, right? What has been fascinating in the wake of the Apple Watch releases is the kind of games we’ve seen descend upon it, and which developers are dedicating their time to developing new products for it – or, remaking old ones. We’ve seen RPG games arrive in Watch Quest and Runeblade, which is in itself a surprise given the general scope of those games and the fact that they’re way more suited to consoles or proper handheld devices. We’ve also seen a few “Where are all the Apple Watch games?” articles in recent months, which is a query I’d expect to see answered in the next year or so now that the Apple Watch OS 2 is here and it supports the developing of native apps. For the time being, we take a look at some of the classic or retro games that one can currently find on the App Store that work with the Apple Watch – including one or two you may have overlooked!

8. OXO Tic Tac Toe (Free)

Not exactly a retro game as much as it is a classic game whose origins can be dated back centuries, Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses is the kind of game that anyone can play and at any time. With the release of any new device, you will typically see a bunch of these games pop up from enterprising developers who are basically looking to make a bit of money from neverending popularity of such games. It’s rare however to find a game like this developed so well, as with OXO Tic Tac Toe Watch rom Master App Solutions. While there is little depth here and no multiplayer (something that wouldn’t really be tolerated if it wasn’t for the novelty of an Apple Watch Tic Tac Toe game) it’s still a lot of fun. – Download from iTunes

7. MineMaker ($0.99)


Minesweeper is another of those retro games, much like Solitaire (there is an Apple Watch Solitaire game out there already, of course) that would take up much of your PC time back in the day. Now, for those who long for the nostalgia of clearing all those grey blocks, there is a Minesweeper game called MineMaster developed by Eric Adam and available for the Apple Watch and iPhone for $0.99. As expected, this edition is quite basic with very few features, but the novelty of playing the classic Minesweeper game on your Apple Watch (even if it does  look a little differerent) more than makes up for any perceived lack of depth.  – Download from iTunes

6. Snake for Watch (Free)


Yet another game that I’m sure you’ve all spent a lot of time, Snake was really the first mobile game I can think of that really captured the hearts and minds of the world. Funny then, that it took so long after Nokia began including this preinstalled on their cellphones for developers to really take advantage of the mobile game market for casual gamers in particular. While there isn’t really a worthwhile Snake port for the iPhone, some enterprising soul has gone ahead and created one for the Apple Watch – perhaps just for the sheer novelty of it all. The app is fairly simple and allows you to choose from different levels on your iPhone and then play these on your wrist, though the dot-like structure of the snake will throw a few off. – Download from iTunes

5. Hatchi ($0.99)


One specific kind of retro game that we’ve already seen appear in a variety of different forms on the Apple Watch so far is the virtual pet game. The fact that there are so many of these already is a testament to how well the format suits the old virtual pet idea, in the sense that you only need a small screen but will have to carry that with you wherever you go. Tamagotchi was the most popular of these games, back in the day, and for many people the name Tamagotchi is synonymous with the very idea of a virtual pet. There is a version of the Tamagotchi for the Apple Watch, but there is also Hatchi which lovingly recreates the same dull screen color of those old digital screens.- Download from iTunes


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