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Anyone who cooks frequently at home will tell you: finding a way to effectively store and manage your recipes can be a real pain! I used to have a ring binder back in the day in which I’d store printouts of recipes from sites like BBC Good Food and the like, but that pretty quickly became dirty and messy and covered in the evidence of baking disasters of the past. Fortunately, there are a bunch of apps around these days that make storing and accessing your favorite recipes easier than ever before -sharing them with your friends, too! The iPad as a device is great in the kitchen, I find, in that it provides a bigger screen to keep up with recipes. With an official iPad cover, it’s also really easy to prop up and view without touching it with messy hands – always a problem when following recipes on the iPhone. Here are our favorite apps for managing your recipe collection!

8. The Recipe Box ($3.99)

The Recipe Box

I’ll start with an app that was developed specifically for the iPad: The Recipe Box, which allows you to instantly import recipes from more than 80 popular recipe sites. The chances are that if you use a particular recipe site to get your ideas from, it will be supported by this app. And if not, there is always the option to capture data from any unsupported website quickly and easily and then import this into your recipe collection with ease. You can transfer your recipes from any email or text document with copy and paste, and then even write notes next to certain recipes as you try them out. The Recipe Box is a nice, comprehensive app and is perfect for proper chefs who take their home cooking very seriously indeed! – Download from iTunes

7. Zest (Free)


Zest is another nice option, not providing news about food or recipe ideas but simply storing recipes from anywhere on the web. The great thing about Zest is that it has a built in browser, which means that you can quickly save recipes from just about anywhere on the web without the need to shift information over to the app from Safari or whatever. When you open the Zest app, there will be a few of their favorite recipes stored on your iPad by default but you can easily remove these if you want to. I’d say that Zest is among the most comprehensive recipe managers on the iPad, simply because of this built in browser that makes storing the stuff you find as easy as you like – leaving you with more time to focus on the cooking! – Download from iTunes

6. BigOven (Free)

If you’re after a recipe app that will bridge the gap between paper and digital, then BigOven is the one for you! It’s been on devices for quite a while, so has accumulated a fairly decent database of over 250,000 recipes. You can access any of these, or pull other recipes from the web and store them in your collection. For those with old, hand-written recipes, this app even has a handy scanner feature that allows you to quickly grab an image of the recipe or even pages from your cookbook and then store them on your iPad. To access this feature will require a pro membership which costs $2.50 a month! – Download from iTunes

5. Food52 ($4.59)


Food52 is a nice recipe manager that gives you lots of suggestions, with a specific emphasis on preparing food for groups of people – particularly over the holidays. I’d say this is a great option for those who are looking for a recipe app with built in planning features. – Download from iTunes


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