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Quiz games are among the most addictive and replayable on mobile devices, but what are the best options for the average gamer? Well, that all really depends on what you’re into. There are a bunch of different quiz games that deal with a particular type of trivia, which is nice if you’re into songs (SongPop) and movies (their movie spin off, MoviePop). We’ve also noticed a small trend recently when it comes to logo quiz games, with a huge amount of different options on the App Store when it comes to games that invite you to recognize famous brand logos. I’m not sure how our consumerist nature is something to be celebrated, but there you go! There are also a great deal of general trivia games out there, with Trivia Crack as perhaps the most popular recently given its addictive nature. Many of these games are also maintained by developers, meaning that new content is added each week and one off challenges are even set to keep returning players coming back and keep the game itself interesting. We recently went through the App Store and grabbed all of the trivia games we could get our hands on, rating and ranking them for your enjoyment!

8. True or False (Free)

Let’s start with True or False which is a fairly straightforward trivia game based around two option multiple choice questions. The questions or statements themselves are quite simple but can be misleading, and given the fact that the whole thing is fast paced, you might find yourself answering certain questions incorrectly simply because you don’t process the words properly or are misled into answering a certain way. The single player race against the clock is a lot of fun and a nice way to test yourself, but far more enjoyable is the same device multiplayer mode which allows you to test your wits against a friend. – Download from iTunes

7. Logos Quiz (Free)


As mentioned above, there is a truckload of different logo quiz games out there on iOS devices to pick from, each of which will probably offer its own take on things. We found, after downloading and playing a few of them, that the one that stood out was this effort by AticoD Entertainment. It seems to be one of the more comprehensive alternatives out there, with over a 1,000 brand logos to guess and a live multiplayer feature that allows you to test your brand knowledge against other players from around the world. There’s also a nice feature that allows you to ask a friend the answer to a question should you get stuck, of course recalling the Phone a Friend element on hit gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  – Download from iTunes

6. Colormania (Free)


Colormania is another game that works around your recognition of various images and likenesses, each of which is nicely designed in a way that fits with ther overall visual style of the game itself. Rather than focusing on just brands or logos, Colormania includes characters, celebrities, TV shows and a whole lot more to test your knowledge of pop culture in general. There are around 100 levels to play through and over 1000 mystery icons to solve, so you will be playing it for some time. – Download from iTunes

5. MoviePop (Free)

MoviePop is the film related cousin of popular trivia game SongPop, and works in much the same way. In this case, rather than identifying the song from a piece of audio, here you have to identify the movie from the video clip. Like SongPop, MoviePop brings an added social element to the quiz game genre, inviting you to connect with and send challenges to your friends and family on Facebook, or simply allow the app to match you with other like minded movie fanatics that also want to test their knowledge of popular films. – Download from iTunes


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