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These days, so many of the most popular mobile games we seek out and pour hours into each day are puzzle based, despite the App Store use of the word “casual” to describe those games that even those not typically gamers are downloading. Puzzle games have are a popular choice among both developers and users in that they are never really going to be in danger of stepping outside the limitations of the hardware, which as we all know with the iPhone and now the Apple Watch is an important boundary. The real challenge facing those developers of Apple Watch games in recent months has of course been the maintaining of gameplay on an iOS game between its iPhone version and its Apple Watch extension. In many ways, given the difference between the two platforms, this is a port rather than a reproduction – or even an extension, since we know that many of the Apple Watch apps are mere companion pieces to their iPhone counterparts. So, what of the puzzle games currently available on the Apple Watch? We recently took to the App Store to pick our favorites!

8. Cops and Donuts! (Free)


Perhaps one that deserves to be placed in the aforementioned “casual” category rather than a full blown Puzzle Game, but Cops and Donuts is actually a huge amount of fun. The basic premise behind the game, based on the stereotype founded by such popular shows as The Simpsons that all cops do is eat donuts, is to spin your character around and ingest as many sugary treats as possible, with particular combos reaping different rewards. It’s the kind of simple puzzle game that is very easy to pick up and play but becomes quite difficult to master, which is of course the best kind! – Download from iTunes

7. GeoBlocks (Free)


GeoBlocks is another fairly simple puzzle game that has recently been updated for the Apple Watch, where you are basically given a screen of 5 by 5 blocks and are asked to remove as many connected blocks of the same color. You are given 7 moves to do so, and it really becomes a tactical battle to attemt to extract all the blocks but to do so in the most efficient manner possible. This app has been somewhat overlooked among the slew of Best Games lists out there for the Apple Watch, but I find it strangely compelling and also charming. Besides the great little inclusion of being able to alter between color schemes in the menu, I think the best thing about this particular game is that no session you start is ever the same as the last, or indeed the next, which keeps you coming back and turns what is a fairly simple premise into something very addictive. – Download from iTunes

6. A Few Billion Square Tiles (Free)


I love the name of this particular app, but that doesn’t distract from the fact that the idea behind the game is just MineSweeper, which doesn’t really lend it a great deal of originality but at least you know that players won’t need to learn the rules. As with all these rehashed idea of old and popular games, A Few Billion Square Tiles does put a spin on things, basically turning the MineSweeper concept from a single player battle of wits to a MMO where you can play with other players across the world and even join clans!- Download from iTunes

5. BlockCircleBlock (Free)


When a new gaming platform arrives, especially one that is as minimal as the Apple Watch, it’s typically only a matter of time before developers pop up to fill the holes left by classic games. This appears to be the case with Block Circle Bloc, which is a basic tic-tac-toe game initially developed for the iPhone but perfectly honed for the smaller Apple Watch screen. I’m usually pretty much against developers seizing these rights for games we all know and love and making money off an ancient concept, just because they got their first, but Block Circle Block is so impressive as a stripped down game that it’s difficult to be mad. We here at Top 8 love a good design and interface, and that created by Geof Crowl for Block Circle Block, which can be seen on Dribbble and beautifully combines the colors purple and blue on a dark gray background, is so pretty. — Download from iTunes


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