Top 8 | Productivity Apps for Apple Watch

Wearable technology is really revolutionizing the way we go about our daily life, whether attending meetings in the office, picking up the kids from school or workout out at the gym. While the iPhone and its array of apps also aids us in these activities, it is the extension of this functionality to our very wrist that adds a whole new level of convenience. We shouldn’t be surprised then that among the most frequently updated apps to support the Apple Watch, the productivity category is particularly active. Productivity apps on the iOS platform can range in functionality rather wildly, from those that are multi purpose tools designed to ease the process of your daily life, to those that simply help you to do one thing – or even take the repetitive out of repetitive processes. Fortunately, most of those that have been updated for the Apple Watch are of the former variety, and when coupled with the convenience of Apple’s wearable device make organizing your personal and professional life easier than ever before. We pick our favorites, right here!

8. Slack (Free)


Slack currently boasts a userbase of around 750,000 people, which I think is all you need to know when ot comes to gauging its popularity among what is becoming a crowded market of productivity apps. It varies from some of the other productivity apps listed below in that it is designed more for work teams who wish to share documents and tasks with each other. The Apple Watch Slack app will allow you to read and reply to direct messages, keep track of unread updates and then either address things directly with a preset message or use the Watch to dictate something more specific. Unfortunately, there is no Glance view included in this one at launch, but expect that to arrive in the near future. – Download from iTunes

7. Wunderlist (Free)


Wunderlist is another very powerful task management tool for both iOS and Android platforms, among others. Whether you are simply making a list of things to buy at the grocery store, or working on an important project that requires your utmost professional attention, the app is designed to make keeping on top of things a whole lot easier. One of the more overlooked aspects of this kind of daily management app is the ability they give you to collaborate with others, and this is something that Wunderlist seems to pride itself on. So even if you are planning a vacation with family and friends, everyone who is connected to the app can pitch in and suggest things, alter the itinerary, and receive updates. – Download from iTunes

6. Swipes (Free)


Swipes is a relatively simple to do app with an emphasis on – yes, you guessed it – swiping. This does sound like nothing more than a gimmick, which is how I felt before using the app for the first time recently, but this gesture based system does work incredibely well. Of course, it helps that Swipes, with its recent Apple Watch update, also integrates well with other apps that you might be using when it comes to productivity, such as Gmail and Evernote – meaning that you can pick up tasks from elsewhere and gather them all in one place. – Download from iTunes

5. Clear ($4.99)


Clear is a very versatile little task management app that gives you a range of different features, including to do lists, reminders and a whole lot more. There is a great degree of personalization involved here, and a bunch of other handy additions such as a nifty gesture-based UI, Handoff support and the ability to sync the app acrouss iCloud to any other Apple devices you might be using it on. This means that you can keep on top of your daily tasks, no matter which device you are using. With the recent Apple Watch update, Clear allows you to set up reminders using voice dictation, delay reminders with a quick tap of the snooze button, and use the Glance feature to easily see which reminders or deadlines are on the imminent horizon. – Download from iTunes


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