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These days, podcast apps tend to take on different shapes and sizes, with some looking to appeal to a niche market of users in order to combat the larger music streaming services. As with the music streaming, the market for supplying high quality podcasts on demand to users has become a quickly developing market, with certain developers seeing their apps fall by the wayside when neglecting to stay updated with the latest trends. It’s also an odd market, since we’re really yet to see a single app come through and claim a share of the market for its own; which seems like something of a shame, since there is certainly the possibility to succeed in doing so, assuming the thing is done right. There are however a great amount of different podcast apps out there to choose from these days, from the simple to the more elaborate efforts. There are those that people want just for their favorite podcasts, and those that focus more on content discovery. We try to encompass all of this in our Top 8 podcasts apps for the iPhone, right here:

8. Podcasts (Free)

If you’re not too bothered to cast about and find an app to suit you, the Apple Podcasts app comes preloaded onto every device and is actually a lot better these days than it used to be. I seem to recall writing in a similar piece on podcast apps for another website that you absolutely must go out and find a third party app in order to fill in for the inefficiencies of Apple’s own default app, but I really don’t think that’s true anymore. The updated Apple Podcasts app now has support for both audio and video podcasts, and the app will even curate different podcasts – this is of course great when it comes to finding new shows and picking the best from the worst, without spending hours going through content. There’s a great level of harmony to the ability to sync between Apple devices and of course your MacBook or PC, and the background downloads in the app make it easier to get on with what you’re doing while content is acquired. – Download from iTunes

7. iCatcher ($2.99)

While iCatcher has never struck me as the best designed app in the world, it’s great for those who are looking for specific niche podcasts. Basically, for lack of a better word, it’s the podcast app for the nerds among our readers! There is a vast amount of customization options that make it easier to fine tune your settings, and you can even limit the download of podcasts to specific remembered wireless networks so you don’t bite into your data plan. There’s also an excellent filter option that lets you get rid of anything from your playlist featuring certain presenters, if there’s someone out there in podcast land that you just can’t stand. – Download from iTunes

6. Network ($2.99)


If you’re looking for a minimal podcast app that gets rid of all the clutter for a cleaner and more efficient listening and browsing experience, then Network is for you. I actually only recently came across the app when looking for podcast apps that support the Apple Watch, but Network has fast risen to become one of my preferred methods of listening to new podcasts. It’s a shame that it isn’t better known at this point, though I expect that this may change in the near future! Especially now it has become one of the better podcast apps that allow you to remotely control what you are listening to through your Watch. – Download from iTunes

5. Overcast (Free)


Overcast actually has what is my favorite interface of all the podcast apps we’ve been through in preparation for this particular list. I love the simple nature of the visuals and the use of orange, of course! It’s a lovely looking podcast app and works very well besides, though does lack some of the custom features that have propelled other podcast apps into the top half of this particular list. The main drawback of Overcast is that it doesn’t support streaming, which may be a big stumbling block for some uses. Personally, I prefer to download podcasts even automatically beforehand, and then listen to them when offline, but there you go. – Download from iTunes


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