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As just about anyone will tell you, the smartphone has replaced the camera – even the disposable camera – when it comes to holiday snaps, which is one of the reasons it becomes all the more important to free up space on your mobile device at this time of year. But what about if you’re looking for even more from your standard Android camera? There are many different products out there that are designed to do just that, from lens packs that can be used to attach different camera lenses to your mobile device, to portable flashes that can be paired with your device and will supply more light when you hit the take photo button. Unfortunately, there won’t be any selfie sticks on this list, but whether you’re a casual photographer looking for something more or someone who is more of a professional when it comes to taking photos, there’s sure to be something on this list of the Top 8 photo accessories that will suit you. These accessories are mostly compatible with Android devices, hence the title, but many will also work with iOS devices and other smartphones/tablets, too.

8. Photojojo Lens Pack ($44.99)


Let’s start with a nice lens pack that provides a few different options that differentiate from your average Android smartphone camera. This one from Photojojo is both neat and affordable, giving you 3 extra lenses to play with that can be easily attached to your smartphone or tablet. In this case, you have a fisheye lens, a telephoto lense and a wide angle/macro lens for those shots from far away or close up. And the great thing about these lenses is that they attach using strong magnetic rings so will not harm your phone at all! – Buy from Amazon

7. Nova Flash ($59.00)

Nova Flash

The Nova Flash is basically an off-camera wireless flash aimed at enhancing the photos taken using your Android device by adding another soft, natural light source to your photos. You can select the kind of light source you want, and then pair it with your smartphone camera shutter so that it goes off at the right time. It’s als slim enough to slide into your wallet with ease, and can be carried around then pulled out whenever you need it so as to provide an extra light source. – Buy from Amazon

6. Joby GripTight Mount ($15.27)


There are many stands out there for smartphones that are designed to provide a steady foundation upon which you can snap some excellent photos. The problem that many will find is that these stands or tripods are only really designed to fit particular models or, if you’re lucky, a line of different models. This is the problem that GripTight attempts to solve with their little device, which is designed to bridge the gap between smartphones and tripods and is said to be compatible with just about any combination. The GripTight mount fits any smartphone thanks to its functional spring loaded grip, meaning that you easily attach your smartphone to your tripod even with the case on, and it will fold away for easy portable storage. – Buy from Amazon

5. Muku Shuttr ($36.95)


The Muku Shuttr Remote is basically a simple and convenient way to control the camera shutter on your smartphone from a distance via Bluetooth, and works with both Android and iOS devices. So you can place your device on a tripod or phone mount, ste up the shot and then hhut the button on your Muku Shuttr from up to 30 ft away. Of course, this is idea for those perfectionist photographers who want to get the right angle, but seems to have been marketed more as a selfie remote than anything else. It’s a nice tool to have in your pocket if you take a lot of group photos, too! – Buy from Amazon


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