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“Where are all the Apple Watch games?”, say one or two condescending articles that you can read on the web at this moment, but we here at Top 8 are quite happy with the games available right now. There recent announcement of native apps on the Watch OS 2 should bring even more innovative games to Apple’s new device, too. At this point, many of these games are mere extensions of what you see on your iPhone or are basic enough to be download from the App Store for free, but there are one or two paid alternatives that are worth checking out. We already ran through our favorite free app and free games for the Apple Watch, but what about paid games? Check out our list of top picks below and then feel free to suggest your own options in the comments section. Of course, at the time of writing the amount of games we have to pick from is quite limited, but most expect that to change in the near future so go ahead and let us know of any new paid games that you come across that you feel are worthy of a mention.

8. Lifeline 2 ($2.99)


Lifeline 2 is the sequel and continuation of the story to Lifeline, which has quickly become one of the best selling games on the iPhone and the Watch. The best thing about these games is of course the writing, which – since it’s a text based adventure game in the classic vein – become all the more important and really work to keep you hooked throughout. While Lifeline 2 is a continuation, it also takes things to new levels with a 28 minute original soundtrack and an app that is fully optimized to work with Watch OS 2. – Download from iTunes

7. Spy_Watch ($1.99)

Lifeline is a text based adventure with a sci fi feel, whereas Spy_Watch does the same with espionage action in mind. When you think of most spy games, you consider stealth and action. This game on the other hand pulls back away from all of this and instead puts you in charge of the agents out in the field in the role of some kind of boss that gives out orders from a plush office. You will then train your agents by sending them out on missions and get real time updates of their whereabouts and their actions through notifications. This may sound like it takes much of the fun out of the game, but really it offers a fasicinating new angle and really compelling gameplay. – Download from iTunes

6. Queens Watch Quest ($1.99)


Queens Watch Quest, like Rules, is another exciting tile based puzzle game that was recently updated for the Apple Watch. We here at Top 8 love the design of this one, and really appreciate the developers managing to cram 12 cards into their Apple Watch version which is not very far from the 16 card syou’re used to playing with on the iPhone. It’s beautifully designed and never gets old, since each new game seems to be different from the last. This is a game that hasn’t been mentioned by many, but is well worth the price! – Download from iTunes

5. Tamagotchi Classic ($0.99)


Tamagotchi is the classic virtual pet and one that I’m sure most of our readers have encountered in some way, shape or form. Basically, you are given an egg that then hatches and out of it comes a little creature with a vast amount of complicated wants and needs – well, not really, it just wants food and attention and someone to clean up all the “mess” it makes. One thing that I find fascinating however is just how suited to the wearable format the virtual pet game is, since the smaller screen doesn’t in any way confine things and the fact that you have your Watch on you at all times makes it easier to check on your pet. Well done to Bandai Namco for recognizing this potential demand in the market and shipping a game as quickly as they have done. We’ve already seen another virtual pet game for the Apple Watch in Hatchi, and expect to see more in the near future. – Download from iTunes


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