Top 8 | Most Overlooked Games for Android

Overrated and underrated are terms that have been used way too much in recent years that they have lost all meaning and credibility. You might even say that they are overrated! It’s normal these days to open up any popular gaming website and see people commenting on how this game is overrated and this other game is underrated, and it’s one of the most annoying things about online criticism in general these days. Rather than the term underrated, I prefer looking at games that are perhaps overlooked. So, those that aren’t rated badly, as such; they just aren’t really rated at all, having been played by fewer players and as such exposed to less people. The reasons for a game being overlooked could be attributed to any number of reasons, but hopefully by shedding some light on such games we can get more people playing them. For this particular list we will be looking at games on the Android platform, and chiefly with ratings and download totals numbering in the hundreds when you check out their official page on the Google Play Store.

8. Xenowerk ($1.99)

Xenowerk is one of the newer entries to make our list, so things might change in the near future should this game carve out some kind of following. As of right now, it’s one of our most played Android games: a twin stick shooter that is striking to look at and a whole lot of fun to play. True, it’s not the most subtle of games in the world but it looks fantastic and really does take full advantage of the screen size and graphical abilities of your device. – Download from Google Play

7. FOTONICA ($2.99)

FOTONICA might be one of the more overlooked games in recent memory simply because there are a lot of auto runners out there to choose from, and as such it gets buried under the competition. In terms of influences or comparisons, I guess you could throw the titles Canabalt and Rez out there when considering FOTONICA, but the game itself is liken nothing you’ve playe before. There are around eight finite levels which will keep you playing for hours and hours, with three different endless modes that offer excellent longevity. This is all without mentioning the visual style of the game, which is utterly stunning and recalls the style of Tron and similar geometric visuals. There are a few other influences here that won’t be lost on certain gamers; basically, FOTONICA is a game that you should be playing! – Download from Google Play

6. République ($4.99)

République is perhaps one of the more popular overlooked games to make our list, if that makes sense, with over 8,000 ratings on the Play Store at present. it’s an action adventure game where you play a character who hackes into security cameras and use these to help a woman escape to freedom. The graphics themselves are excellent, and the way the story plays out is quite compelling; also, this idea of being in control of what’s happening in the game but also knowing that things are out of your control is an interesting premise. Either way, it’s a very suspenseful game and we’re suprised that more people aren’t talking about it. The game is also episodic which is always nice since it keeps you coming back for more, but each batch of new content will require an extra in app purchase.  – Download from Google Play

5. Pixel Towers (Free)

Pixel Towers is a particular favorite here at Top 8, but mainly because it’s one of those unique mobile games that can’t really be likened to anything that exists at the moment. Really, the only game you could possibly compare it to would be the old Maxis tower building game, Sim Tower, but this is far more a casual game about stacking blocks on top of one another, whereas that classic title actually involved a lot of strategy and depth. Pixel Towers is not the kind of game that’s going to keep you hooked or offer hours of gameplay, but it is a lot of fun and we love the pixel artwork. – Download from Google Play


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