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The Oscars this year take place on February 28th, but the hype is already building with the release of the nominations this week. Current leader when it comes to nominations is “The Revenant”, by Alejandro G. Iñárritu which has garnered 12, and then George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” which follows closely behind with 10 nominations. As always, it seems like the entire Internet has weighed in with their own opinions on these picks, though with the increase in Best Picture slots, you’d think that more people would be happy! What we wondered here at Top 8 is what are the best Oscar night apps out there for checking out the movies that are featured and following the big evening. Well, unfortunately there is a lack of these apps available for the iPhone. There is no official Oscars app this year – I think the last time that was released was back in 2013 – but there are some very useful Oscar night apps to choose from. We run through these here, so keep on reading!

8. TodoMovies 4 (Free)


We’ll start with TodoMovies 4, which is one of the few movie apps on the iPhone that also supports Apple’s brand new wearable device, the Apple Watch. While I’ll admit to not having tried any of the 3 different iterations of TodoMovies before TodoMovies 4, this is a nice little app and is great for managing the movies you watch. If you’re the kind of viewer who keeps a collection of DVDs, perhaps getting them sent regularly from Netflix or a similar rental service, and then slowly works through them, this app is a good way to manage what you have watched and what is on your to-watch list. I love how the app uses full size posters on each individual movie page, and provides extra features such as release notifications and bonus scene indicators. It’s a good way to manage your movies, but also a good way to discover new ones.

Download from iTunes

7. Moviefone (Free)


Moviefone is one of those services that has been around so long, it predates even the idea of iPhone apps, let alone iPhone apps that you can use on Oscars night. It’s interesting to think then that this is an idea that has changed with the times, and been applied to an entirely new medium. Moviefone was basically a service where you called a free number and received info on movie times in your area, hence the name. With the advent of the Internet, you’d think that Moviefone might be obsolete by now but it has changed to roll with the advances in technology. While the current Moviefone app doesn’t feature the famous Moviefone voice, it is an excellent source of movie info when it comes to trailers, reviews and that kind of thing. – Download from iTunes

6. Solyaris ($0.99)


When it comes to discovering new movies, there are a bunch of different tools out there that you could look into. Most people tend to prefer things like Netflix, which is able to suggest movies based on your previous tastes. One slightly lesser known alternative is Solyaris, named after the great Andrei Tarkovsky movie, which is more of a visual movie browser. It’s an app with exploration in mind, because it allows you to view and discover the different connections between movies, actors and directors. It’s also a great source of current movie info, since it allows you to see what’s on TV right now and what’s on in the theaters. – Download from iTunes

5. Fandango (Free)


Another app that now supports the Apple Watch is Fandango, which is described as the number 1 ticketing app. You may be watching the Oscars 2016 in February and see films that interest you, at which point you can turn to Fandango and check out if that movie is playing in your area. The app will provide you with the latest showtimes, allow you to check trailers and such, but also to book tickets through the app itself. And now with the Apple Watch, you can access all of this info from the comfort of your wrist, which is a nice bonus. – Download from iTunes


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