Top 8 | Most Original Games for iPhone

In a market as crowded as the mobile gaming one is these days, it can be easy for developers to simply get taken along by the crowd and submit to a specific kind of game that is bound to sell. The user base for mobile gamers is now flooded with casual players who are looking for a brief fix and something to pass the time but nothing more than that, which explains why the likes of Candy Crush Saga has become so successful. That’s not to say that King’s Match 3 title isn’t a huge amount of fun and insanely addictive, for it is! It’s just that, the idea isn’t the most original in the world – it was borrowed and adapted for Candy Crush Saga, and since the success of that and the likes of Bejeweled Blitz has become almost a format in itself that developers continue to trundle out in order to sell games – take the recent Frozen Free Fall, for example. Lots of fun, but not the most original in the world! Still, the opportunity that the App Store allows, and the relatively low price it takes to develop a small game means that there are lots of indie developers out there working with original concepts. Here are some of our favorite results!

8. Thomas Was Alone ($4.99)


It might be simply the fact that I’m a veteran gamer and have seen it all before, but just the title for this one is enough to make me download and start playing. Thomas Was Alone is the very definition of high concept indie gaming, but is in itself a piece of art that has been clearly lovingly created by video game scholars using a range of different classic inspirations. While the voiceover from comedian Danny Wallace can be a bit distracting, the fact is that Thomas Was Alone still creates a more immersive game experience with a few blocks and an idea than many developers do with entire 3D modelling teams at their backs. – Download from iTunes

7. LIMBO ($4.99)

Speaking of immersive game experiences, have you played LIMBO yet? If not, why not? This is the product of a small Danish developer outfit, and puts you in the shoes of a small boy who comes to in the middle of a dark forest. The game is built using detailed silhoettes, but the artistic nature of such means that you can see just about everything – including limbs and the like when you inevitably stumble into a bear trap or get impaled by a hungry spider. Not for the faint hearted, this one! And best played like Resident Evil was best played: at night time in a silent house, with all the lights turend off! – Download from iTunes

6. Only One (Free)

I only recently came across this one, so can’t offer much of an opinion in the way of longevity but this is a huge amount of fun so far. Only One basically puts you on the top of a cliff and in control of a small, pixellated sprite that must run around and fight off waves of enemies with your sword. Think of it as like a retro-themed Royal Rumble, but with less theme music. – Download from iTunes

5. Hitman GO ($4.99)


For those who loved the Hitman games, this one is something of a violent departure from their clunky third person antics. Here, Square Enix went back to the drawing board to create a very original assassination game that is also turn based, offering an entirely new layer of intrigue. – Download from iTunes


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