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We’ve all been there at some point or another, right? Staring down at rows and rows of different accessories, all at way more attractive prices than the official product you hold in your hand. Even as a kid, I remember having nothing but trouble with the third party accessories that one could buy for video games consoles such as the Super Nintendo and, later, the Sony PlayStation. I mean, I understand why they’re there: and these days, with the power of the Internet, it seems as though developers of these products are under a lot more scrutiny and as such, the products themselves seem to have gained in quality. Often, you can go on Amazon or some other website and find that, as it turns out, the best wireless controller for your Xbox is in fact an unofficial or third party one. This is very much the case with smartphones and tablets, too: looking online is a good indication whether a product is worth your time, whether official or otherwise. And shopping online becomes an extension of that. But what of the official, or first party accessories for the iPhone? We take a look!

8. Apple 5W USB Power Adapter ($19.00)

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter

Let’s start with some of the more functional accessories you can buy, and those that won’t set you back too much. The official 5W USB Power Adapter is something that everyone should have on them if they need to charge their iPhone when out and about. Unfortunately, while the charger costs $19 from the official Apple store, it seems that Amazon doesn’t have a proper official one in stock. Below is a link to the closest thing that you can find (which seems to be masquerading as the real thing) but the price and the comments below tell otherwise! – Buy from Amazon

7. Apple 2M Lightning Cable ($32.99)

Apple 2M Lightning Cable

If there’s one Apple accessory for the iPhone that I always suggest people should invest in, it’s not some expensive object that will change the way you use your favorite smartphone, but this beauty: the 2 meter long Lightning cable. Now, the simple fact that a cable costs upwards of $30 is preposterous in itself, but there is an excllent argument for investing in such a thing, if you are indeed an iPhone user. You might be like myself, and often use your iPhone in bed, either to check up on various emails or social media before going to bed, or simply to read through the news or things that you haven’t had time to do during the day. Now, this isn’t so much of a problem if you have a portable charger or some kind of plug right next to your bed, but if you don’t (like me) then this long charge cable becomes an absolute godsend. Who knew that such an accessory could change things for the better in such a drastic manner? Unfortunately, Apple’s hefty price – even from retailers liek Amazon – seems to reflect this. – Buy from Amazon

6. Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case ($59.99)

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case

Apple’s leather case for the iPhone 6 is one of the best out there at present, though is obviously quite expensive at $50 and up. It’s tough these days, walking around your local market or tech shop and seeing all kinds of covers and cases that cost no more than about $10 – and those being from respected manufacturers, too. Apple seems to have taken the position that their official accessories should be just like their official proucts: something that people will notice, and something that transcend the mere materialistic idea of owning something. Hence, this official leather case which is a great slim fit and very much respects the existing size and weight of both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. That is, the case adds no bulk but is very durable. There is also a cheaper case from Apple for the iPhone 6, made of silicone rather than leather – but more on that later! – Buy from Amazon

5. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit ($44.99)

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

If, like me, you have an older version of the iPhone then this piece of kit is a nice purchase. You might even be able to find a cut price version online or in some store, since many of the official accessories included in the pack are now discontinued. Still, as I say, if you have an older iPhone like an iPhone 4 or 5 then this could be quite useful. – Buy from Amazon


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