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One aspect of the Apple Watch that has perhaps been overlooked so far is how it affects businesses, or how it affects productivity in the workplace. While the term office apps could apply to any number of different features and functionalities, though is generally reserved for the kind of word processing and spreadsheet packages like that created by Microsoft, here we look to create more of a general list of those recently updated apps for Apple Watch that will benefit employees and employers alike. All of this aside, and having already put in countless hours researching and testing these apps, I’m surprised that there aren’t more developers that are looking to take advantage of this particular part of the market. Those people who will use an Apple Watch as part of their professional or business life often do so because these lives are so hectic, and there are numerous ways to enter this market as a developer. Perhaps our dear readers have some ideas for office or business apps that might suit Apple’s new wearable device – why not let us know?

8. Hours (Free)

One idea that has been launched upon with great gusto by developer Tapity is that of managing your working hours, as seen in their Hours time tracking app. The idea behind this one is to increase your work-related efficiency, whether you are completing tasks in the office or at home, by displaying the things you have to do in a visual manner. This is more apparent with the iPhone version of the app, which provides a complicated interface of bars and colors, each broken down by the hour so that you can easily manage what is being done and perhaps more importantly who is doing it! The app was recently updated for the Apple Watch, which acts as more of an extension or companion app than anything else, but is very useful for checking stuff at a glance and managing your tasks on the go. And what’s more, the app is currently free to download!   – Download from iTunes

7. Avaamo (Free)


Another great niche in the market right now when it comes to developing new kinds of apps is the secure messaging category, currently headed up by Confide. Avaamo have done something similar however and offered a cross-platform messaging app that allows you to send encrypted messages, but with a specific emphasis on business users and group chatting. Of course, the Apple Watch itself lacks a keypad but you can easily record messages to send, as well as forward files and other information such as locations. The Avaamo app on the Apple Watch is of course an extension of what you get with the iPhone version, so it’s a great way to get notifications at a glance, though the app really comes into its own with regards to team communication on a smartphone. – Download from iTunes

6. CloudMagic (Free)


Ask anyone who works in an office and they will tell you, perhaps the most annoying thing about communicating with others in your professional life is managing emails. And in particular, keeping your work emails apart from your personal emails and vice versa. Fortunately, there is a huge array of different inbox management apps out there, many of which have recently been updated for the Apple Watch, and perhaps the best of these is CloudMagic. The strength with this app lies in its integration, allowing you to port in emails from a bunch of different sources, such as Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365 and more. So no matter the email platform you are using, simply set up the app on your iPhone and import your emails, then you never have to deal with pesky Outlook on an old Windows computer ever again! – Download from iTunes

5. Drafts 4 ($9.99)

I knew that I wanted to feature a note taking app on this list of office apps, but wasn’t quite sure which one to include. Evernote tends to tower above everything else in terms of functionality, but Drafts is an excellent work-related app that is perhaps the quickest out there when it comes to noting things down when on the go. While the recent update for the Apple Watch is minimal at best, it does allow you to both manage your notes and capture new ones using Siri which will be a welcome addition to returning users. – Download from iTunes


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