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All in all, I’d say that number games are probably more popular than word games. Why do you think that is, though? Perhaps it’s because more people can make simple additions and multiplications than can come up with words from a variety of different letters. I don’t know, but it’s certain that even the best word games out there such as Letterpress and Spelltower are dwarfed in terms of downloads and popularity by games like 2048 and Threes! Just look at the popularity of Sudoku around the world, for example! It was unheard of years ago but has since become something of an institution in the west, with people spending their entire lunch breaks each day working through Sudoku puzzle books rather than crosswords! I guess the most interesting thing about a genre that has been really explored and exploited on the mobile platform, is that crowding inspires developers to innovate in order to be noticed. As such, we’re seeing more and more original and unique games that take the basis of a genre and then switch it up with new elements in order to create something original. Check out our favorite number games for the iPad!

8. Sudoku Puzzle Challenge (Free)


I mentioned Sudoku above, so it feels only natural to mention at least one Sudoku game on the iPad. Unfortunately, while there are many different options out there – a cursory search through the App Store at this point suggests around 30 active apps, and others that haven’t been updated in a while – there aren’t many good ones. Perhaps the best basic option for Sudoku fans would be this Sudoku Puzzle Challenge app, which I like simply because of the clean interface and crisp design. Also, there are 6 different Sudoku puzzle games included, such as Killer Sudoku and Kakuro and Mini Sudoki. What’s more, there are 32,000 puzzles included in what is essentially a free game so you definitely won’t get bored! – Download from iTunes

7. Drop7 ($2.99)

Drop7 is another puzzle game developed by Zynga, the folks behind the fantastic Words With Friends and many more apps on the App Store. It is one of the smartest and most challenging number games on the iPad, and the basic idea behind the game is to use your brain to eliminate discs on a 7 by 7 grid. You take discs that fall from the top of the screen and must position them so that the number of the discmatches the number on a neighboring disc in order to clear it from the board. – Download from iTunes

6. Kuboku ($1.99)


For the Sudoku fan who would like to try out something different, why not check out this 3D Sudoku inspired game? The basic idea of Sudoku remains, but instead of a simple Sudoku board you have an 8 position cube where you must find the missing numbers. There are 1000 levels included for the $1.99 price tag, and you can even select your difficult level depending on how confident you are as a Sudoku player or if you can possible get your head around the stunning 3D graphics. – Download from iTunes

5. Number Link Free (Free)

Number Link

This one is a simple game with a simple interface, but easy to pick up and a lot of fun to play. The idea is to match up pairs of numbers on the game board, though without overlapping lines as you make the connections. Once you have connected all the numbers and there are no spare spaces, it’s on to the next level! – Download from iTunes


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