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Given the rise in casual gaming over the last few years, one of the more popular categories in the app store has become number games, or those that test your logic when it comes to mathematics. I’ve always preferred such games when it comes to kicking off a few rounds while on the train journey home from work, for example, since you really feel as though you’re exercising your brain cells rather than just bashing away on something like Candy Crush or whatever. Number games or puzzle games on the Android these days tend to come in a few different shapes and sizes, but none of the more successful ones tend to stray from the general tile based layout and swipe by swipe control system. A game like 2048, for example, which has seen huge success in terms of downloads, is a lot of fun to play and also becomes quite challenging, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as swiping away the numbers. Watching someone else play the game becomes almost mesmerizing, which itself recalls the classic arcade games where the very best players would get into the zone and seemingly anticipate moves before they arrived. Anyhow, I digress: here are our favorite number games for Android.

8. Simply Sudoku (Free)


Given the popularity of Sudoku these days, it is perhaps understandable that there are around a million of these titles in the Play Store at present. It’s therefore difficult to pick just one, but we here at Top 8 tend to be drawn towards this title due to the way it is designed. – Download from Google Play

7. Just Clear All (Free)

Just Clear All expounds upon one of the more addictive traits of today’s puzzle games: that being the idea of clearing a screen of the objects that are on it. While the game itself might ask you to do any number of things, simply by putting the tasks into this context turns it into something almost compulsive. In the same way as you might compulsively clean you home, here you begin to compulsively clean the game board. Match threee puzzlers and those that involve numerical combinations are among the favorite casual games out there these days, and Just Clear All draws on both genres to find succecss. You simply switch around the numbers and then place them together in small to large formations, creating bigger numbers as the game unfolds. It doesn’t sound much on paper, but of course actually playing the game is quite different. – Download from Google Play

6. Balls on my Screen (Free)


Balls on my Screen shares more than a passing resemblance to popular puzzler Dots, but with an added layer of difficulty. The dots, or in this case the balls, also carry numbers and can only be connected in a sequence equal to it. It’s a nice concept, but one that seems to involved borrowed ideas from elsewhere and one that can get frustrating if the game doesn’t serve up the balls that you need.  – Download from Google Play

5. Quento (Free)

Quento offers a fairly minimalstic concept, but it’s one that has a surprising amount of depth and the game itself abounds with replayability. The basic idea behind this one is that you are given a 3 by 3 screen, with a tile effect showing five numbers and four operators. You must then start with a number, swipe to an operator and then repeat that in order to get the correct total and proceed to the next screen. Each success will earn you a star and there are three stars to collect in four different difficulty level, so it will keep you occupied for sometime. The game itself is fairly straightforward to pick up in terms of concept, but it will take some practive before you become skilled enough to complete the game and earn all the stars. – Download from Google Play


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