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One thing that mobile devices and specifically tablets has done is change the way in which we typically consume news and the articles that we read daily. The introduction of the RSS feed all those years back was of course crucial to this, but the latest generation of news reader apps has done well to further the ideas and introduce new ones – innovation being the key. I’m honestly not a fan of reading news on my smartphone, but give me a tablet like the iPad and I will sit there for hours consuming article upon article of the latest news stories. The great thing about the latest news reader apps for the iPad is that they are generally third party, and give users to a wide range of different categories when it comes to content. As such, no matter what you are interested in reading, the idea is always the same: to fully customize the reading process, allowing you to essentially grab at different sources and then bring all of these together in what is almost like a personal magazine. At least, this is the concept behind many of the news reader apps that we tested for this thread. Here is a rundown of our Top 8!

8. Newsify (Free)


Newsify boasts more of a magazine style experience than some of the other news reader apps listed here. Despite mentioning the idea of RSS feeds above, this app is really something of a departure from that and looks instead to present content in a more popular format – arranging articles as they would look in a magazine. That said, there is a convenient List Views included with the app that gives you a much more simple interface from which to pick content – that is indeed what you prefer as a reader! This app is perfect for the casual reader who is used to more of a magazine style, and even has a convenient dark theme for night time reading. – Download from iTunes

7. Feedly (Free)


It’s odd that Feedly should be mentioned right after Newsify, since the latter actually supports accounts belonging to the former. Feedly is among the best looking of all the news reader apps to make the list, and allows you to easily customize your feeds. You can then introduce to your list of content other external elements, such as content from Facebook or Twitter or Google Reader to make it more of a social experience. As personalized news reader experiences go, no app does it quite like Feedly. – Download from iTunes

6. Unread (Free)


Unread advertises itself as an RSS reader, and we couldn’t put it any better than that. It supports a bunch of different feed account options, such as Feedbin and FeedWrangler and more, but what makes this reader more impressive than others is the lack of distractions. The interface is so minimal and so clinically put together that the finished product is something of beauty – and perfect for those who would rather not look at a news interface that is cluttered full of content. There are excellent customization options here, and the gesture navigation only betters the overall experience. – Download from iTunes

5. Mr. Reader ($3.99)

Mr Reader

I love Mr. Reader for its functional design, though it doesn’t look quite as good – nor does it eliminate the distractions – in the ways that Unread does, for example. The best thing about this app is the customization features that relate to the layout, meaning that you can actively shift around different windows so as to perfect your news reading experience. – Download from iTunes


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