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There are many different ways to keep up with the news these days, and in many more convenient ways than simply going to your local newsstand and buying a newspaper or magazine. While it has always been fairly typical of people to buy even a handful of newspapers or magazines to get a full helping of the news in a daily fashion, today people want it all now and in one place. Fortunately, there are a range of apps available for smartphones and tablets that look to do just that. All the big newspaper and magazines these days have their own official app, and will have gained a huge following – perhaps even encouraging some of their readers to give up print (which many refer to as a dying medium) in favor of checking out the news each day via an app. I’m a big fan of the third party apps that look to pull news articles from different sources and place it all in a single context, for I feel that they give a much better overview of the news that can be catered to your own personal interests. With this in mind, we take a look at the best news reader apps for Android!

8. Google Play Newsstand (Free)

Google Play Newsstand is worth mentioning from the get go, mainly because it replaced what was Google’s primary newsreader app for the Web, Currents. Also, their Magazines app. Both of these were discontinued in favor of Newsstand, which acts as almost a route to the latest news rather than a personalized news reader app. Still, as with everything Google touches, its a great interface to navigate around and is an excellent source for all the latest news, even if the personalized touches of similar apps are not present here.  – Download from Google Play

7. Circa News (Free)


Circa is one of the more recent news readers on the block, and the basic premise behind it seems to be the idea of condensing news stories into bite size, digestible chunks that make it easier to peruse briefly. In this sense, an app like Circa would be much more suited to someone who likes to run over the headlines related to their interests each day over a morning coffee, perhaps, but doesn’t have the time or the willing to sit down and really read through articles. This is why the home page for Circa (seen above) is so generous with its previews for each article, meaning that you can get an idea of the news at a single glance of it and don’t even need to read too much into each artcle. – Download from Google Play

6. Zite (Free)


Zite is one news reader app that I’ve been using for a while, not just for the latest articles but also to keep up with RSS feeds from my favorite cooking blogs, for example. I didn’t realize it but it seems that Flipboard recently acquired Zite, so it will be nice to perhaps see some kind of integration between the two in the near future. – Download from Google Play

5. Digg (Free)


I first came across Digg a while ago, but had no idea that it has advanced to the point of being one of the premier news aggregating portals on the web. The brand has also advanced around the world, and was recognized as one of the best services to bring together news to suit you, even before all these apps and news readers came along that want to do the same thing, only on mobile devices. Digg’s app is the perfect reflection of the site’s own complexities, with a predominantly black and white color layout that looks to confine colors to the images found in the article in question. All in all as solid news reader app that doubles as an RSS reader, but then we wouldn’t expect anything else from a brand like Digg! – Download from Google Play


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