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News broke about a week ago regarding Google’s arrival on the Apple Watch, and the move was ultimately met with lukewarm responses at best from the world’s media and its Apple Watch users. Rather than an app that looked to take advantage of the open market on the Apple Watch at present, Google have released a very basic News and Weather app that is basically an extension of an existing app for the iPhone. While this app works quite well on the iPhone, here on the Apple Watch it doesn’t quite live up to the same expectations. The great thing about that app is that you could fine tune it to give you exactly the headlines you want, but that’s not really the case here. With this new app from Google in mind, especially how disappointing it turned out to be, we recently took to the market to see what the other Apple Watch apps are like when it comes to checking the news and keeping up with the various events from around the world!

8. The Huffington Post (Free)


Since there is not really a preinstalled or default app that Apple Watch users can take advantage of when it comes to checking the latest news, I guess the best place to start would be to look at the various big news outlets to see which of them have come up with their own Apple Watch support. One of these is the Huffington Post, which has always been a nice news resource. The HuffPost app for Apple Watch brings you up to the minute news from around the world, including photos and videos and blogs that all help to create a more personalized experience. Part of the strength of this app is in the ability to customize everything you do, so that your news feed will be tailored to what you want to see and hear.  – Download from iTunes

7. NYTimes (Free)


Another of those to develop their app for Apple Watch support is the New York Times, whose NYTimes app is actually one of the slickest news apps out there for users at present. I’ve noticed that a lot of these apps are simple extensions of the iPhone or iPad version of the app, whereas those behind the NYTimes app for Apple Watch have actually made a measured effort to condense stuff properly for the smaller screen. You get updates in one sentence stories that are specially crafted for at a glance updates. You can then use Handoff to continue reading the article on your iPhone, or touch to save the article to your personal reading list. – Download from iTunes

6. The Wall Street Journal (Free)


Then we have the Wall Street Journal app for the Apple Watch, again designed to give subscribers at a glance news in real time, which can be especially useful for those concerned with the latest market data. You get updates for corporate share prices, integrated seamlessly into the other news headlines from the day. I do like the color coding for different things, and as with the NYTimes app above you can quickly tap to save the article for later or immediately hand it off to a larger screen to continue reading. – Download from iTunes

5. Digg (Free)


So, now that we’ve looked at the basic options out there for official publications and stuff, I guess the next thing to look at would be aggregator sites such as Digg, which I’ve always found to be one of the best sites when it comes to getting your news from around the web – and getting a proper overview of everything interesting that is going on, tailored to your specific tastes and interests. The Apple Watch version of Digg brings you the best of the site at a moment’s notice, offering at a glance reading that keeps you right ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest articles and news. The customization here is lightweight, allowing you to limit the number of stories you see and turns specific sections on and off, but that’s about it. – Download from iTunes


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